GDBBM – Chapter 890

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*Note from Misty: I will need to change “Yan Country” (炎国) to “Fire Country” in the English translations to flow better with the story from this chapter onwards.  Apologies for any confusion


Chapter 890 : “Ring of Imperial Fire  (1)”

“Why did our Grand Adviser come back to the banquet together with little brother Jun?” Lei Chen’s gaze did not turn but his words were directed at the Grand Adviser who was just about to leave beside him.

Wen Yu then asked: “What is Your Highness so worried about?”

Lei Chen was frowning as he turned around, his eyes looking sharply at Wen Yu.

“What the Grand Adviser wants to do, I will not interfere. And as for what I do, I hope that the Grand Adviser does not stick his nose in as well. I am close to the guys from the Zephyr Academy and if the Grand Adviser is planning to do anything against that, I will not be too pleased with that.”

Seeing the obstinate glare that Lei Chen was giving him, Wen Yu could only sigh in resignation as he said: “In that case, I am afraid I will have to disappoint Your Highness. I have just told that Young Master Jun to depart from the Imperial Capital quickly.”

“What! ?” Lei Chen glared at the Grand Adviser in wide eyed disbelief, his hands within his sleeves tightly clenched into fists!

“You had distinctly promised me before that you will not get involved in the matter between me and Lei Fan! You must have known that I am intending to make use of the power the Zephyr Academy has and you had told them to leave here quickly! ? Lord Grand Adviser! What are you really playing at! ? Do you really want to help that Emperor of yours so much! ! ?”

Lei Chen berated him angrily. If he did not try so hard to hold himself back, he might have thrown a punch right towards Wen Yu’s face there and then.

Wen Yu looked at Lei Chen’s face that was filled with barely suppressed fury calmly and he was feeling highly torn in his heart at that moment. This child had been one that he had watched grow up with his own eyes. After Lei Fan was born, Lei Chen’s position became highly awkward and Wen Yu could not bear to see such a young child being subjected to all the endless scheming and insidious plotting within the palace intrigue and he asked the Emperor to allow Lei Chen to be his disciple, thinking to use his position as the Grand Adviser to protect the child. But when Lei Chen discovered the truth, the seemingly amicable front in the palace could not continue to be kept as it was.

“Do you know the reason why I appeared in the banquet together with Jun Xie today?” Wen Yu asked helplessly.

Lei Chen snorted derisively and said: “Didn’t you already say it? You wanted him to leave this place as soon as possible! To cut off a pillar of my support!”

Wen Yu shook his head.

“I was outside the palace doors of the banquet earlier awaiting the decree for me to enter, but not long after the request was just brought in, the Fourth Prince suddenly led Jun Xie out from the banquet and I still have yet to receive the decree at that moment. Don’t you think it to be rather strange?”

Lei Chen’s face creased up into a frown. He had also thought that that was a little strange. When the Emperor received the news of Wen Yu’s arrival earlier, instead of first allowing Wen Yu to enter the palace, the Emperor had asked for Lei Fan to bring Jun Xie out. The sequence of events was a little hard to accept as norm.

“I do not know if you get the same feeling, but I somehow feel that something is not right. Yes, I do know that you are on rather good terms with that Jun Xie, and I am very much aware of the matter between you and Lei Fan. So, in order to prevent any unexpected situations to occur, I followed them and happened to see Lei Fan collapsed on the ground, and I ordered the guards to escort him back. I had initially just wanted to see what kind of personality that Jun Xie possessed and had no completely no intentions of interrupting any of your plans. But on that boy, I discovered something very incredible.” Wen Yu’s brows had creased up slightly. If he had not discovered that thing, he wouldn’t have taken the initiative to ask Jun Xie to leave.

“What is it?” Lei Chen was surprised and he immediately asked.

“Wen Yu replied: “The Ring of Imperial Fire.”

Lei Chen’s immediately widened involuntarily, as his eyes filled up with incredulous disbelief.

“Ring of Imperial Fire! ? You mean the same Ring of Imperial Flame possessed by the Fire Country’s Emperor who completely disappeared from before! ?” Lei Chen’s voice had changed. He would never have thought that what Wen Yu discovered would be the Ring of Imperial Fire!

Wen Yu nodded. “That’s right, that’s the one.”


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