GDBBM – Chapter 89

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Chapter 89: “It’s just a Medicinal Pill (3)”

The palace maid looked blankly at Jun Wu Xie , her hands full with long lists for herbs, confused on what to do with them and what this Young Miss of the Jun family wants done.

Jun Wu Xie cast a brief fleeting glance, and the little palace maid was so overcome from the chill in those eyes, she immediately turned around, and hastened out the door.

“Your lowly servant shall prepare it.”

“Am I that scary?” Jun Wu Xie asked the cat in her arms, looking at the back of the lowly hunched over form of the servant as she hastened out.

“No, these are people who have weak hearts.” With no one around, the black cat has no need to hide its ability of speech.

People do not know Jun Wu Xie like the little black cat did. She is neither haughty nor superciliously aloof. She just …..  does not know how to get along with others ….. in a normal way.

Just imagine, a person kept alone from birth, it is for certain there will be repercussions on human interrelations.

Jun Wu Xie was locked up thirteen long years, her world had only been herself, growing up amidst the mountains of medicine and treatments, and the cold and lifeless medical equipment.

At that time, she barely spoke two words throughout the years. When the little black cat first met Jun Wu Xie, it thought she was mute, and autistic.

She viewed everything coldly, her eyes never showing a single trace of emotion.

From a young age, she was able to dissect still warm bodies unfeelingly, soaking the still fresh organs in formalin.

The little black cat has always felt, its mistress was just a machine incapable of emotions.

That was till the first time she learned to hate, it burned that cage that had imprisoned her.

She was finally freed, but more than a decade of imprisonment had made her develop a regimented, closed up lifestyle. Coming into society, she was unable to blend and mingle with people, unable to integrate.

She preferred to stay in the animal clinic, treating the animals.

Though animals are incapable of speech, and Jun Wu Xie cannot fathom the behavior of people, she is very sensitive and understands the needs and pains of the animals. She knows, why they are suffering, and how to help them.

At these times, Jun Wu Xie, does not need to speak.

Having joined that organization, where she met her only friend, she then began to feel, like a human.

Alas, the time Heaven gave her was short, everything ended before she could learn to lead a normal human life.

For those who viewed Jun Wu Xie as an oddball, little black cat had hated them. It was not its mistress that was odd, but it was those people who were stupid, and does not know how to get along with Jun Wu Xie. The unscrupulous little thief was the exception, and it is just proves that its owner is not without feelings, just that she does not know how to show it.

Because ……

No one ever taught her.

But with the Jun Family father and son, the little black cat believes, its mistress will be able to go far on this road to being normal!

Meanwhile, the palace maid sent a lot of herbs, also the medicine furnace fire was rekindled, and the temperature in the room started to rise.

Jun Wu Xie had everyone leave the room, sorted out all the herbs, to treat and process them, her eyes lowered in concentration. In this moment, she was back in those thirteen years of captivity, with the same eyes, familiar movements of the hands, absorbed into her medical prowess.

Extraction, grinding, crushing …… Jun Wu Xie’s soft and fair hands seemed imbued with magic, all that passed those hands, in the blink of an eye, was processed with impeccable precision.

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