GDBBM – Chapter 90

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Chapter 90: “First Slap (1)”

Medicine of this present world, is plainly, very similar to the traditional chinese medicine of Jun Wu Xie’s previous world. Though she is unable to produce western medicine, chinese medicine is a breeze for her.

Seeing the herbs being processed one by one, little black cat lay there swinging its tail, unable to shake off the feeling of familiarity with the scene playing out in front of it.

In the past decade, is that not exactly what Jun Wu Xie did? Holed up in the room, labouring over countless heaps of herbs?

In the study, Bai Yun Xian looked on coldly as Mo Xuan Fei and Mo Qian Yuan were engaged in an intense war of words.

Light was fading, as sunset approached, the Imperial City was aglow in the last vestiges of the warmth from the waning sun, enshrouding the palace in a veil of intoxicating beauty.

“How long do I have to wait?” Mo Xuan Fei looked out at the sky, his patience gradually dissipating.

It has been more than half a day, Jun Wu Xie was still nowhere in sight. He even suspected that in order to protect her, Mo Qian Yuan had even asked his people to secretly have her hidden her away.

He stood up, intending to check on it.

“Impatience? My brother?” Mo Qian Yuan raised his eyebrows in ridicule as he looked up at Mo Xuan Fei, a sneer on his face.

Mo Xuan Fei was now relying on Bai Yun Xian’s background and his actions were getting impetuous and out of hand. He had almost completely disregarded the Crown Prince status.

“This is the Crown Prince Residence, where you wield absolute dominance, where you can do anything without a single soul knowing.  I just hope that you do not cause any friction with Qing Yun Clan because of a small matter. I will remind you to bear in mind that Qing Yun Clan is not to be slighted.”  Mo Xuan Fei said retorted.

“Hiding behind a woman’s skirt and you can still be so proud?” An icy voice sounded from a distance. Although her voice still had a hint of immaturity in it, but every word was articulated properly and it was as though each word was doused in ice water.

Outside the door, Jun Wu Xie was standing there with the warm orange sunlight shining on her back, her whole body had a faint glow. With her pure white robe basking under the magnificence of the golden sunlight, everything seemed unreal. With the little black cat lying on her shoulder, this contrast in black and white was so striking, and in her small hands held a white porcelain bottle, this scene was as if she walked out of a dream.

“Wu Xie.” Mo Qian Yuan stood up in awe, as if his body did not belong to him. Under the beautiful golden dusk, she was a sight to behold.

This beautiful scene had also impacted Mo Xuan Fei who imprinted this deep within his mind as he looked on in a daze. Bai Yun Xian had caught sight of his reaction and nibbled her lower lip.

Jun Wu Xie walked into the room and placed the porcelain bottle on the table as she carried the little black cat and took a seat.

“Here’s your compensation.” Jun Wu Xie did not look at Mo Xuan Fei but directly at Bai Yun Xian.

Bai Yun Xian furrowed her eyebrows.

Mo Xuan Fei was still in a trance, only when he had happened to see the displeasure in Bai Yun Xian’s eyes did he come to his senses. He hardened his heart and immediately asked: “What is this?”

“Jade Dew pill” Jun Wu Xie replied.

“……………………..” Mo Xuan Fei’s mouth twitched slightly, he had thought that Mo Qian Yuan had sent her away in secret and did not think she was still loitering around. She even had the audacity to claim that the bottle on the table was a bottle of Jade Dew pills!

“Jun Wu Xie, this is quite a claim you are making! This thing here is the Jade Dew pill?” Even if you beat him to death, he would never believe that she could refine the Jade Dew pill.

“Bai Yun Xian would know.” Jun Wu Xie did not bother explaining anything. If these two men started their banter and kicking up a fuss, who knew how long this would take? She was not interested in wasting time.

Mo Xuan Fei was about to say something but Bai Yun Xian stood up and picked the bottle up from the table.

“Miss Jun, your cat ruined my pills, I do not mind, but now you just stuff something in a bottle and say its Jade Dew pills? That is an insult to our Qing Yun Clan’s reputation and I won’t allow it!” Bai Yun Xian glared at Jun Wu Xie.

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