GDBBM – Chapter 88

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Chapter 88: “It’s just a Medicinal Pill (2)”

“What’s the matter, Imperial Brother?” Mo Xuan Fei looked at the paled Mo Qian Yuan as he sneered.

“Jun Wu Xie’s temper has always been like this, she doesn’t know the difference between heaven and earth, how could you not know this? We are talking about Qing Yun Clan, how could their pills be so easily replicated? If I remember correctly, Jun Wu Xie has never studied any medicine before, the only reason she’s doing this today is because she does not want to make a fool out of herself in front of you.”

When Jun Wu Xie had asked for the furnace room, Mo Xuan Fei laughed, although he did not like her, it was a fact that they were previously engaged although it was due to the pressure by Lin Palace. One or two things he had learned during that period of putting up with her was to be patient and had gained some insight into her temperament.

Jun Wu Xie was simply an arrogant girl who was blessed with looks. If she wasn’t born into Lin Palace, with that temperament of hers, who knew how many times she would have died.

Make a pill? That was even more of a joke.

Who did not know that Lin Palace’s Young Miss specialized in brewing trouble, and had absolutely no talent in anything else.

Even today, she wanted to personally make a pill to compensate Bai Yun Xian, would that not be an utter disgrace?

From Mo Xuan Fei’s perspective, this was something she would do, such an outrageous act to try to save her face in front of her favored person. She had often went beyond her means to look impressive however it was at her own cost. Keeping up with appearance has been one of the things she had tended to do although they were all beyond her means.

When he suddenly thought of who her current ‘favored person’ was, his face started to be more gloomy.

“I don’t need you to tell me what kind of person she is.” Mo Qian Yuan replied coldly. He was very clear in the eyes of others, they had an ambiguous relationship, although in actual fact they were simply allies.

Jun Wu Xie had some skills, this he knew.

However her opponent was Qing Yun Clan Sovereign’s disciple, and what’s more, this was a secret recipe where others had no access to.

She had not even touched the Jade Dew pill before, how could she refine it?

“If Imperial Brother is distressed, just kill the black cat and everything will be resolved. If she is reluctant, all you need to do is to compensate her with another. We cannot let others say that our Royal Family neglected Qing Yun Clan.” Mo Xuan Fei chuckled, however there was a dangerous glint in his eyes, he wanted Jun Wu Xie to know that Mo Qian Yuan is not a good choice. Even if he, Mo Xuan Fei did not want her, it was impossible between Jun Wu Xie and Mo Qian Yuan.

A prince who can’t even protect his own beloved woman and what’s precious to her, he was simply a trash.

Mo Qian Yuan glared at Mo Xuan Fei, apparently after strolling into his residence with Bai Yun Xian, he had been forgetting his decorum and had been acting more presumptuously by the minute.

This idiot really thought that he was sowing a discord between their relationship? Really stupid.

He could still vividly remember the fear from that night when that huge shadow pounced on him. No way would he ever commit the same mistake again by looking down on that little black cat.

Mo Qian Yuan knew that if Mo Xuan Fei carried on what he was doing now, he would most likely be seeking death, he would experience the black shadow pouncing over him and biting his neck.

On the other side of the Crown Prince’s Residence, Jun Wu Xie had followed the servant to the furnace room. It was just as Mo Qian Yuan had mentioned earlier, although the room was clean, it was evident that this room had not been used in a long time as the bottom of the furnace was clean.

“Pen and paper.” Jun Wu Xie requested from the servant standing by the side.

Once she had the writing materials, she quickly scribbled down a list of herbs that she needed and handed it back.

The servant immediately picked up the written list and looked at it.

“Bring this list of herbs here.”

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