GDBBM – Chapter 884

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Chapter 884 : “Banquet in the Palace (3)”

At the banquet, everyone’s attention was drawn into Lei Fan’s words and they all turned to look at Jun Xie. Although there was a smile on Lei Fan’s face, the smile had however not reached his eyes.

Jun Wu Xie did not immediately give a response and just continued staring at Lei Fan’s smiling face. After remaining silent for a while, she slowly lifted up her cup and took a tiny sip out of it for show.

The Emperor had at that moment then said smilingly: “This must be the Zephyr Academy’s youngest contestant right? Your name is Jun Xie?”

Jun Wu Xie stood up and answered: “I am.”

“Good, good, good! Heroes are indeed discovered from the youths. I would not have thought that one so young will be able to attain such high achievements, the future in front of you is limitless! You are of a similar age to the Fourth Prince and both of you should get together a little in future.” The Emperor said with a laugh, his smiling eyes scrutinizing Jun Xie from head to toe. However, when his gaze swept over the ring that Jun Xie was wearing over his finger, the smile on his face suddenly congealed a moment!

“Jun Xie, you are the youngest contestant to ever take part in the Spirit Battle Tournament. The youngest in the history of the tournament. Take a step forward and let me have a good look at you, the little prodigy.” The Emperor continued to say without showing any change in his demeanor.

Jun Wu Xie didn’t want to make it embarrassing for the Emperor in front of everyone present and she took a few steps away from her seat to stand before the Emperor.

The Emperor’s face was still smiling, but there was a faint tinge of shock that shone deep within his eyes.

[The ring on Jun Xie’s finger! He will never forget it!]

“Jun Xie, is the ring on your finger your ring spirit? This is the first time I am seeing someone wearing their spirit ring on that finger.” The spirit ring was most commonly worn on the middle finger on the right hand and it was not decided by choice of the owners but the moment when one’s ring spirit awoke, the spirit ring would just appear on the middle finger and most people would not consciously change the position of the spirit ring.

But the silver ring on Jun Xie’s hand was worn on the ring finger.

Jun Wu Xie lowered her head and looked at the ring on the fourth finger. It was the one she had picked up in the little stone dwelling at the bottom of the Heaven’s End Cliff. After departing from the Heaven’s End Cliff, she had always worn it on her hand and had not removed it since.

One reason was that it was the only item her “Master” had left behind, and another reason was that her original spirit ring was not visible to anyone and having the silver ring on her hand, it was also able to confuse her opponents.

“Yes it is, Your Majesty.” Jun Wu Xie answered with those simple words. Although the Emperor was trying his hardest to hide it, she was still able to notice from the minute and seemingly insignificant changes in his reaction and demeanor that the Emperor cared greatly about the ring.

“I see.” The Emperor said, his heart feeling slightly more relieved, but the worry deep within his eyes had still not disappeared.

“ Well, I was just curious about it. Jun Xie, you can go back to your seat. Today, it is to congratulate all of you and a celebration for the winners of the Spirit Battle Tournament. So please do not stand on ceremony.”

Jun Wu Xie went back to her seat but in her heart, she was going to keep a close eye out in regards to the queer actions of the Emperor.

The banquet officially began and the dancers swirled gracefully while the melodious music filled the air. Accompanied by the twirling skirts and the sweet scent of fine wine permeating the surrounding air, the atmosphere was highly intoxicating for the banquet goers.

After the third round of drinks, the banquet grew a little more rowdy. The four princes occasionally initiated a chat with the guests, the disciples from the War Banner Academy and the Dragon Slayers Academy continued to offer toasts to the Emperor successively. The Emperor’s face was smiling, but his eyes showed that his mind was seemingly somewhere else as he merely perfunctorily just offered a few words in reply to them.

Lei Fan took the opportunity when everyone else were engaged in conversations and stood up, to walk straight in the direction towards Jun Xie.


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