GDBBM – Chapter 883

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Chapter 883 : “Banquet in the Palace (2)”

Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly to Lei Chen, although there wasn’t a smile on her face, it was nevertheless still a polite gesture.

Jun Wu Xie’s response made Lei Fan’s rage boil up another notch. He fought to suppress the rage within his heart, his face all smiles.

If not for an unexpected accident in the incident with Qu Ling Yue, Jun Xie would now be his closest aide, and Lei Chen would not have a chance to show off his friendly relations with Jun Xie here.

His hatred was so intense he wished he could just kick Lei Chen into oblivion but he was forced to maintain that innocent smile on his face and Lei Fan was almost about to puke out blood from holding it in.

Finally after a short wait, the Yan Country’s Emperor slowly walked into the banquet. His long robe of brilliant yellow colourfully embroidered with a five claw golden dragon accompanied with a shiny cape appeared before everyone’s eyes as he walked slowly to go sit upon his throne.

“I must have caused my esteemed guests to wait. The Spirit Battle Tournament this year was just spectacular and although I have not been fortunate enough to be able to go witness all our outstanding talented youths battle, I have however heard much about it in the Imperial Palace. Tonight, I have invited all of you here to congratulate and wish all of you the best in winning success and recognition, achieving a place of your own throughout these lands!” The Emperor said with a benign smile, raising up his cup in a toast.

“Thank you Your Majesty!”

The ten youth all stood up in unison, downing the wine in their cups in one go,

“All have a seat. All of you do not need to restrain yourself here tonight.” The Emperor said with a laugh, his eyes surreptitiously swinging over to the direction of the six people from the Zephyr Academy, looking at them one by one, and he found himself highly surprised.

Although he had seen the portraits of Jun Xie and the others previously, and knew that five among the six of them possessed highly attractive looks and features, he discovered that what his eyes saw today seeing them in person, was a million times more good looking than the countenance he had seen on the portraits.

And all six of them commanded an outstanding presence and just one look told him that these youths would soar to extraordinary heights in the days to come!

When the thought that these six extraordinary and exemplary youths had been won over by Lei Chen, the Emperor felt his chest inexplicably tighten, and if the person these youths were friendly to was Lei Fan, he would be absolutely overjoyed.

Fei Yan had just sat down when he suddenly bent his body slightly to move close to Jun Wu Xie.

“The one sitting next to Lei Chen, is that the Fourth Prince Lei Fan?”

Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly. Lei Fan had come to her two times, and in both instances, her companions had not been around her.

“Then that makes things rather strange.” The corners of Fei Yan’s lips lifted up into a thoughtful smile.

“What?” Jun Wu Xie said in a low voice.

“You knew that I had carried out an investigation to gather more information about the Yan Country? I happened to chance upon the portrait of the concubine that the Emperor favoured long ago. I have seen it, and she does look rather attractive. According to what Lei Chen told us before, Lei Fan would most probably not have been born from that woman. But….. the looks and features of Lei Fan is however very much alike to the lady in the portrait.” Fei Yan was suddenly finding this discovery an interesting fact.

An illegitimate child of the Empress and a high ranking official was looking so much like the lady the Emperor had favoured and loved? What was really going on here?

Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes. When she had met with Lei Chen before, she had not paid much attention to Lei Fan’s looks.

“No wonder the Emperor would dote on the Fourth Prince so much. With a face looking like that, it will constantly remind the Emperor of the woman he had always loved and wouldn’t the Emperor shower Lei Fan with endless love and indulgence?” Fei Yan laughed secretly to himself.

“Face Changing Technique.” Jun Wu Xie said softly.

“Can that be unraveled?” Fei Yan asked, highly excited.

“I need to know what method was employed.” Jun Wu Xie chose not to ascertain it as fact carelessly. There were many ways to carry out the Face Changing Technique in the world and to expose it, one needed to first find out which method the target had employed.

Lei Fan seemed to notice Jun Xie looking in his direction and besides being surprised, his face immediately broke into a wide guileless smile. He lifted his cup and raised it up in the direction that Jun Xie was at and said: “Having Jun Xie looking at me in such manner is really making me feel rather shy about it. Such a rare opportunity for us to have a drink in the same place, I hope Jun Xie will oblige.”


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