GDBBM – Chapter 885

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Chapter 885 : “Banquet in the Palace (4)”

Lei Chen had just thought of getting up to follow when Lei Yuan tugged at his sleeve.

“Second Brother, what are you doing?” Lei Chen ask the pudgy Lei Yuan with a frown on his face.

Lei Yuan said in a low voice: “My Royal Brother is so intelligent, surely you realise what Father was saying. Since Father intends for Fourth Brother to interact more with that Jun Xie, it will be better that my Royal Brother does not go against Father’s wishes. I know you are close to the Zephyr Academy. But even if you sacrifice one Jun Xie to Fourth Brother, wouldn’t you still have all the others?”

Lei Yuan had witnessed Jun Xie’s prowess before. But the Emperor had spoken out today that he wished to see Jun Xie and Lei Fan to interact a little more with each other. Wasn’t their Father being obvious enough?

Lei Chen’s eyes narrowed and he turned to look up at the throne to see the Emperor seemingly highly distracted. The Emperor’s gaze was coincidentally looking at Jun Xie at that moment and Lei Chen thought about it a moment before deciding to give up on his original intention, finally sitting down to drown his sorrows in drink sulkily.

Lei Fan had by that time come to stand beside Jun Xie and he looked at Jun Xie smilingly to say: “Does Jun Xie think that the banquet today to be enjoyable?’

Jun Wu Xie remained silent and did not say a word.

Lei Fan seemed to have gotten used to Jun Xie’s cold and distant personality and did not really mind it.

However, just as Lei Fan was intending to ask Jun Xie something more when a guard from outside the palace came in to make a report.

“Reporting to Your Majesty, the Grand Adviser is here.”

The Emperor snapped back to attention quickly and was just about to say something when his gaze subconsciously fell on Jun Xie before he quickly said: “I am suddenly thinking that Jun Xie with his young age, would not really enjoy the dull banquet here. Little Fan, as a Prince, you must play a good host to Jun Xie. Such dances and performances might not be to his taste, so why don’t you bring Jun Xie to the Imperial Garden to take a stroll. This year, we just planted the newly cultivated green chrysanthemums in there.”

The Emperor’s sudden suggestion caused all the people attending the banquet to be dumbfounded a moment. It was just reported that the Grand Adviser had arrived, so why wasn’t the Emperor asking the guards to lead the guest in but was asking Lei Fan to escort Jun Xie for a leisurely stroll in the Imperial Garden?

Various people in the banquet kept their thoughts on the Emperor’s actions to themselves and only the young and naive youths of the War Banner and Dragon Slayers who had not yet seen enough of the world were secretly envious of the biased favours the Emperor was showing to Jun Xie.

The Emperor having already organized such a grand state banquet, would even worry whether the young Jun Xie would be bored, and asked a Prince like Lei Fan to accompany Jun Xie to have a walk around the Imperial Palace. What a great honour that was!

Jun Wu Xie nodded her head immediately, not objecting to the Emperor’s suggestion in the slightest.

Lei Fan threw Lei Chen a triumphant glance and lead Jun Xie away from the banquet with a brilliant smile on his face. When the two of them walked out, Jun Wu Xie saw a highly elegant and graceful figure outside.

It was a attractive looking man seemingly in his early twenties, dressed in a silvery grey long robe, standing outside with his hands by his side. His beautiful features on his attractive face was like the bright moon in the sky and what really caught Jun Wu Xie’s attention, was the man’s hair.

A head of silvery strands fell loosely over his back, held lightly together only by a silvery grey band. On his face, was a very faint gentle smile. When he saw the figures of Jun Wu Xie and Lei Fan, he merely looked at them with smiling eyes but did not say anything.

After Jun Wu Xie and Lei Chen have left, the silver haired man standing in front of the door asked the junior eunuch standing respectfully beside him: “The young youth that just left together with the Fourth Prince, who is he?”

The junior eunuch said truthfully: “He is a disciple of the Zephyr Academy named Jun Xie, and is one of the guest His Majesty invited here tonight.”

“Oh? So that is Jun Xie.” The silver haired man said, his lips curling up in a smile, and his feet suddenly shifted, changing their direction as he strode off.

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