GDBBM – Chapter 87

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Chapter 87: “It’s just a Medicinal Pill (1)”

“Oh?” Jun Wu Xie raised her eyebrows slightly.

“Yun Xian is an esteemed guest of our Kingdom of Qi, and a very important one at that! To have an untamed beast doing such nonsensical stuff in her presence, it’s a bane! Today, you have to kill it to offer your apology to Qing Yun Clan to prevent any such things from happening ever again!” Mo Xuan Fei’s had a glint as he flashed a sinister smile. He could not touch Jun Wu Xie right here in the Crown Prince’s residence, however to push the blame onto the cat and have it killed, that wasn’t very difficult.

He could tell that this little black cat was very precious to her and right now, what he wanted to do most was to tear that calm and indifferent expression off her face.

Mo Qian Yuan could protect Jun Wu Xie but not the black cat. If he chose to protect both of them, that would be slapping Qing Yun Clan in the face.

This was but a small matter but blowing it up had its advantages. Mo Xuan Fei wanted to pressure Mo Qian Yuan by using Qing Yun Clan’s name.

Mo Qian Yuan narrowed his eyes as a glint of anger could be seen.

Jun Wu Xie was holding onto the little black cat as she looked casually at Mo Xuan Fei running his mouth off.

The little black cat’s eyes narrowed as the surroundings had a subtle change in atmosphere. It’s shadow started showing signs that it was going to transform, Jun Wu Xie who had sensed the change in the atmosphere quickly pressed her hand down firmly on the little black cat’s neck as she tried to calm it down to prevent it from being further agitated.

“It’s only some play thing, if you all care so much about it, I’ll just compensate it back to you.” Jun Wu Xie suddenly spoke up.

“Compensation? What are you going to use as compensation? The Jade Dew Pill cannot be bought with money, you’ve glossed over such an important detail and simply making things sound easier than they really are.” Mo Xuan Fei sneered.

Bai Yun Xian’s face turned ugly when she heard that little missy calling her Jade Dew pills ‘play thing’. This Lin Palace missy, don’t know if she should call her arrogant or ignorant.

Although the Jade Dew pill was not as precious as her master’s Qing Yun pill, however nowhere in this world can you find the recipe other than Qing Yun clan! It’s secret recipe was only exclusive to Qing Yun Clan’s disciples and not any ordinary disciple had access to it. How was Jun Wu Xie going to compensate her?

Jun Wu Xie paid no heed to him as she carried the little black cat and asked Mo Qian Yuan, “Is there a furnace room for making pills?”

That question caught Mo Qian Yuan off guard as he looked at her with wide eyes.

Mo Qian Yuan had absolutely no idea what Jun Wu Xie was up to. Although he did not like Bai Yun Xian, he did not doubt her abilities, he quickly called out: “Wu Xie, you don’t have to push it, don’t worry, I won’t let them touch you.”

“Is there one?” Jun Wu Xie ignored his pleas and pressed on firmly.

Mo Qian Yuan gave a small sigh in resignation as he called a servant over.

After the passing of his Mother, his health had deteriorated and for the initial period, the Emperor had shown him great concern and called in all the best doctors. Due to his weak body, he did not leave his residence much and to let him recover soon the Emperor had a furnace room specially constructed in the Crown Prince Residence. At first, the various arrangements made by the Emperor had touched Mo Qian Yuan deeply, he thought that his father had really wanted him to have a speedy recovery. When he had discovered the Emperor’s motives, he chased away all the doctors and destroyed all the medicinal pills and elixirs that were specially prepared for him.

“Let him take you there, if there is anything you require, just let him know. Although the room has not been used for quite some time, I’m not sure if the furnace is still usable.” Mo Qian Yuan finally relented as he looked helplessly at Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie nodded and turned to follow the servant.

Mo Qian Yuan looked at her back as he secretly clenched his fist as his knuckles turned white.

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