GDBBM – Chapter 868

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Chapter 868 : “Quack Doctor (1)”

Jiang Ying Long wanted to hide that fact but faced against Xiong Ba’s pair of eyes so filled with fiery rage, he did not dare to brush the matter off and had no choice but to put up a brave front and say: “His Highness, the Crown Prince had said before that the young lady beside him was well versed in medicine and she knew of a way to save Ling Yue’s life. But I had thought that Miss Jun was too young and did not look like she would know much about medicine. However, we could not go against the His Highness’ adamant insistence and to avoid delaying the other physicians from providing treatment for Ling Yue, I relented and allowed Miss Jun to give it just one try, and have made an agreement with His Highness if Miss Jun was unable to cure Ling Yue of her condition, they are not to come here to disrupt us in future…..”

Jiang Ying Long’s voice was becoming softer as he spoke, trying his hardest to push the entire blame onto Lei Chen, terrified that Xiong Ba would in a fit of rage, kill him with a single smash of his palm.

As expected, after Xiong Ba heard what Jiang Ying Long said, his eyes flared wide open, staring at Jun Wu Xie with undisguised rage.

“Jiang Ying Long! How gutsy of you! You actually allowed a naive and ignorant brat to give treatment to our Young Miss! ? Does the War Banner Academy even have any respect for the Thousand Beast City! ? No wonder our Young Miss’ condition has not improved at all, because all of you have been providing treatment in such a frivolous manner! What a bunch of quacks you all are! With such a young brat and you bunch of misfits, how are all of you able to provide adequate care for our Young Miss’ injuries! ?” Xiong Ba was raging in fury, no matter how you looked at Jun Wu Xie’s age, she would at most only be fifteen. At that age, even if she understood Medicine, it would only have barely skimmed the surface.

[Jiang Ying Long had actually dared to let a brat like that give Qu Ling Yue medical treatment, that was such a shocking and terrifying thing that he was hearing!]

Xiong Ba’s voice was already deep and loud originally, and with rage and fury added to it, his booming shouts became ear shattering.

“Crown Prince Lei Chen! Even if you are the Yan Country’s Crown Prince, you still have no right to treat our Thousand Beast City’s Young Miss in such a careless manner! If you had gotten another acclaimed physician here, it would have been fine. But look at the Miss Jun beside you! Just how old is she? How could she possibly be capable of saving someone’s life? Crown Prince Lei Chen, aren’t you taking our Young Miss’ life and death a little too lightly! ? How could you let a brat such as her do it! ? Does Crown Prince Lei Chen want to cause our Young Miss to lose her life! ?” Xiong Ba’s face was livid and flushed a bright red. His eyes were completely bloodshot and if not for the youth blocking him off, Xiong Ba might very well have charged over and strangled that ignorant and naive little lass.

Xiong Ba’s rage had been successfully diverted by Jiang Ying Long to fall fully onto Jun Wu Xie and Lei Chen. Imperial Physician Li watched from the side, laughing to himself secretly in his heart. The Raging Blaze Hall Chief’s personality was exactly like the name of his Branch Hall, a fiery personality through and through. Now that Xiong Ba knew that Lei Chen had handled the matter so frivolously, it was thought that Xiong Ba would not be saving Lei Chen any face in this matter.

As if Imperial Physician Li was thinking the atmosphere then was still not heated enough, he pretended to be nice by saying: “Hall Chief Xiong, please calm down. His Highness, the Crown Prince had actually meant well. He knew that Miss Qu was gravely injured and got overly anxious that resulted in him coming up with such a lousy idea. Although all of us had also felt that Miss Jun’s age….. really did not look like she would be skilled in Medicine, but it was still afterall His Highness, the Crown Prince’s kind intention. Although the method he did it with did not come out entirely correct, but fortunately Miss Qu’s injuries did not worsened because of it. On top of that, all of us had put in everything we had to stabilise Miss Qu’s condition and I would request that Hall Chief Xiong to not pursue the matter further.”

Imperial Physician Li had phrased his words nicely, but overtly and covertly, he was hinting that Jun Wu Xie’s treatment for Qu Ling Yue had not only not been the least bit beneficial to Qu Ling Yue, but it had made her injuries worse instead, and it was due to the tireless work of the whole bunch of physicians that they had been able to salvage the situation.


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