GDBBM – Chapter 867

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Chapter 867 : “Guests from Beast City (5)”

Feng Yue Yang untied the bagged up herbs and carefully inspected the herbs used and then went on to check the elixirs meticulously before putting them down.

“How is it? Did they give the wrong medicine? If not, why is our Young Miss still unconscious?” Xiong Ba asked anxiously. After having seen Imperial Physician Li chatting merrily with the other doctors when he first stepped into the room, he no longer believed this bunch of charlatans.

Imperial Physician Li could not hold himself back from that completely and rebutted: “Hall Chief Xiong, although the group of us here are not as skilled or as knowledgeable as Senior Feng, we are still careful and responsible medical practitioners. With Miss Qu’s extraordinary identity, how would we dare to risk giving her any medicine that might be even slightly inappropriate?”

Xiong Ba snorted in derision.

Feng Yue Yang shook his head and said: “Hall Chief Xiong has been too overly concerned. There is nothing inappropriate in the medicine that the physicians here have given to our Young Miss. It can be seen from the mild nourishing effects of the medicine that they have been very careful with our Young Miss’ condition. But as our Young Miss’ injuries have been too severe and the affliction too complicated, giving our Young Miss medicine with strong effects without being fully confident of the results would only further burden our Young Miss’ body.”

Feng Yue Yang words had somewhat appeased Imperial Physician Li and the colour on his face improved a little.

Feng Yue Yang’s words however took a sudden turn as he continued: “Although medicine with mild effects would not cause harm to our Young Miss’ body, but when the treatment employed is played too safe, it will really be unrealistic to expect our Young Miss’ current condition to be reversed. To tell the truth, our Young Miss’ condition is really in a rather thorny situation. Even for me, to fully cure her, I will still require a lot of time to make preparations. And looking at our Young Miss’ current situation, her body might not be able to withstand for that long a period.” Feng Yue Yang sighed, his voice tinged with a trace of worry.

Xiong Ba’s expression was growing even more anxious and even the youth beside him was looking highly troubled.

But it was at that very moment that a cold voice suddenly rang out within the room.

“With this tiny bit of an injury, does it really call for so much trouble?”

The instant that that voice sounded, everyone turned to look in the direction of the source of the voice.

Jun Wu Xie, who had not spoken a single word throughout it all suddenly became the focus of everyone’s eyes.

“You little brat! Stirring up trouble here again! ? Didn’t you agree that if you are unable to cure the condition, you will not show yourself in here thereafter! ?” Imperial Physician Li had upon hearing Jun Wu Xie’s words, exploded with the rage that instantly filled his heart, and jumped out to point his finger at Jun Wu Xie to berate her.

Jun Wu Xie lifted an eyebrow and looked at the hopping mad Imperial Physician Li and said: “I am merely stating facts. Is there a need to get so huffed up?”


“Little lass, where do you come from? Do you know what you are talking about! ?” Xiong Ba said, looking at Jun Wu Xie with a deep frown on his face. He had been extremely worried about Qu Ling Yue’s injuries and had not really noticed the person beside Lei Chen. Now that he had taken a good look, he saw that the lass was mighty good looking but the way she spoke really made people unable to like her.

“Facts.” Jun Wu Xie replied, slightly lifting up her chin, arms crossed before her chest, looking completely collected and unruffled as she stared at the bunch of highly flustered people before her.

Jiang Ying Long immediately saw that the situation was not right and he immediately stepped forward and said to Lei Chen: “Your Highness, I believe that the agreement we had before is not forgotten.”

Lei Chen lifted an eyebrow, feigning ignorance.

The youth from the Thousand Beast City sensed that there was something going on under that commotion and he suddenly asked: “Pray tell me what sort of an agreement did Teacher Jiang have with His Highness, the Crown Prince?”

Jiang Ying Long’s heart shook, and knew that he was caught.

If the people from the Thousand Beast City knew that he had allowed a little girl to give their Young Miss medical treatment, Xiong Ba would undoubtedly blow up in rage!


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