GDBBM – Chapter 869

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Chapter 869 : “Quack Doctor (2)”


With that speech, Xiong Ba’s rage had not only not been extinguished but instead flared to greater heights. He stared into Jun Wu Xie’s eyes and looked like he was about to swallow her whole at that moment.

Even the youth who had been calm and steady all this time was already frowning, while Feng Yue Yang was shaking his head with a sigh.

Lei Chen and Jun Wu Xie had suddenly turned into everyone’s target to attack.

Lei Chen was feeling rather nervous as his hands clenched up into fists. Although the current situation was still within what he had predicted would happen here, he could not help himself but still feel a little worried as he subconsciously turned to look at Jun Wu Xie. When Jun Wu Xie had suddenly spoken up earlier, it had felt like she was leading Xiong Ba and the others to press further on this matter.

He really could not understand just what the Young Miss Jun was thinking in her head.

In the face of Xiong Ba’s fury, and with Imperial Physician Li’s adding fuel to the fire, Jun Wu Xie was still showing the same cold and distant expression. Her pair of eyes that emanated a cold chill swept over the faces of Xiong Ba and the others. She was silent a moment before she said: “It looks like, Hall Chief Xiong is choosing to believe the words of the entire bunch of quack doctors?” Imperial Physician Li’s face went white. He had not thought, even having been put in such a quandary, Jun Wu Xie would still dare to throw out such sarcasm.

Xiong Ba’s reply was: “I will only ask you, whether you have given our Young Miss any medical treatment.”

Jun Wu Xie immediately nodded her head without hesitation.

“Then what else is there for you to refute! ?” Xiong Ba shouted in rage.

However, Jun Wu Xie curled up the corner of her mouth and said coldly: “Hall Chief Xiong, why don’t you ask them, after I gave the treatment, how was Qu Ling Yue’s condition?”

Xiong Ba arched up an eyebrow. “What do you mean?”

Jun Wu Xie looked at Jiang Ying Long at the side and said: “Jiang Yong Long, you tell him yourself. After I gave Qu Ling Yue the treatment, did her injuries fully recover?”

Xiong Ba and his group were startled and they subconsciously all turned to look at Jiang Ying Long.

Jiang Ying Long was caught off guard. Finding himself being stared at by Xiong Ba, he did not dare twist the facts and he stuttered as he said: “Miss Jun….. after treating….. Ling Yue….. Ling Yue’s condition had indeed already….. she seemed to have fully recovered from her injuries, but….. was just still a little weak from heavy loss of blood…..”

As he spoke, he paused for awhile, and then suddenly lifted his head to say: “But that lasted only half a day’s time. After half a day, Ling Yue suffered a relapse of her injuries and it had remained like this ever since…..”

Xiong Ba’s brows were so twisted they almost knotted together. The conversation he was hearing was making him quite confused. According to Imperial Physician Li’s insinuation, Jun Wu Xie’s treatment had not only not brought Qu Ling Yue’s condition any improvements, it had made her injuries worse. But Jiang Ying Long had just said that after Jun Wu Xie’s treatment, Qu Ling Yue’s injuries had recovered, albeit only for half a day. But based on Feng Yue Yang’s diagnosis of Qu Ling Yue’s condition earlier, with such severe injuries afflicting the body, how was it possible that she could make Qu Ling Yue make a complete recovery in such a short period of time?

Imperial Physician Li was cursing at Jiang Ying Long in his heart for ruining things up for him and he immediately stepped up to say: “In regards to that matter, I have already explained it to Teacher Jiang before. Miss Qu had shown improvements to her conditions then was because the entire group of physicians here had been carrying out treatment incessantly for Miss Qu throughout that period. Having been fed so much herbal concoctions and received such constant care and attention from all of us, it had resulted in Miss Qu’s condition showing those positive signs. This young Miss Jun had merely coincidentally stolen the credit that was supposed to be due to our tireless efforts towards the careful care we gave Miss Qu that was the real reason for the improvements in her condition. You gentlemen have not forgotten that all Miss Jun did at that time was to feed Miss Qu a Heart Coagulating Elixir. May I ask Senior Feng, for Miss Qu’s injuries, is it possible that they can be cured with just one Heart Coagulating Elixir ?”

Feng Yue Yang shook his head immediately. “The Heart Coagulating Elixir is just a common elixir that nourishes the Qi. And in regards to our Young Miss’s injuries, it wouldn’t do her much benefit at all.”


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