GDBBM – Chapter 866

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Chapter 866 : “Guests from Beast City (5)”

“So what even if he is a green spirit? Who cares who he think he is! ? To dare to harm our Young Miss, the Thousand Beast City will not let him off easily!” Xiong Ba opened his mouth to say.

Jiang Ying Long secretly sighed in relief and said: “That’s right. That Jun Xie would surely not come to a good end. But what’s most important now is to treat Qu Ling Yue’s injuries first.”

Xiong Ba nodded and his gaze turned once again onto the one who had previously been chatting merrily with the other physicians, Imperial Physician Li.

“The Yan Country’s physicians are not capable and we do not expect much from them. The Thousand Beast City will use their own doctors to handle it.” With that being said, Xiong Ba turned to the white haired old man beside him and said respectfully: “I beg for Senior Feng to save our Young Miss.”

The old man nodded. “That is this feeble old man’s aim in coming here today. I am for Hall Chief Xiong to rest assured, for I will do everything I can.”

Imperial Physician Li stared at the old man, his heart filled with a nagging suspicion. When Xiong Ba addressed that old man as Senior Feng, the words of rebuttal that had been on tip of Imperial Physician Li’s tongue were suddenly all swallowed back down his throat.

At the current time throughout the world, the most famed medical practitioners, besides the Qing Yun Clan which had evaporated onto thin air, there were still a handful of prodigious doctors scattered about. These people lived their lives as hermits and resided for long years deep within the mountains, seldom appearing before people. But their exceptional skills in medicine had never been forgotten by people and although they might pale in comparison to the Qing Yun Clan in the cultivation of elixirs, their knowledge and skills in treatment left doctors and physicians in the profession far behind them in the dust.

And among those, there were three acclaimed Divine Doctors, with one of them going by the name of Feng Yue Yang. It was said he had started perusing medical texts from a very young age and already acquired great fame when he had only been a youth, who finally retreated into the mountains when he became aged. But it was just a few years ago that the man who was acclaimed to be one among the three Divine Doctors suddenly joined the Thousand Beast City and became the Thousand Beast City’s resident physician.

Imperial Physician Li was always proud and arrogant, but when placed before Feng Yue Yang, he did not dare show a single sign of disrespect.

“I just realized it is the revered Senior Feng before me. Your junior has heard of your prodigious medical skills for a long time and I am highly humbled I am fortunate enough to meet you today, which is the greatest honour for your junior.” Imperial Physician Li was suddenly polite and highly respectful as he bowed low in greeting towards Feng Yue Yang.

Feng Yue Yang glanced at him and nodded as he walked to come beside Qu Ling Yue’s bedside to take her pulse. It suddenly became extremely quiet in the room. No one dared disturb Feng Yue Yang as he carried out his diagnosis. Imperial Physician Li had besides being deeply moved, discreetly turned to glanced at Jun Wu Xie standing behind Lei Chen, a cold smile on his face.

That expression seemed to be saying that the little brat could never hope to be able to compare to Feng Yue Yang, a Divine Doctor.

After a while, Feng Yue Yang had a frown on his face as he turned around to face everyone. Xiong Ba was anxious and nervous as he asked: “Senior Feng. Where has our Young Miss been injured? Is the injury serious? Will Senior Feng be able…..”

Feng Yue Yang raised his hand slightly to stop Xiong Ba’s barrage of unending questions.

“Hall Chief Xiong, do not rush into it. I have already ascertained our Young Miss’ injuries and now I need to ask the other physicians about the circumstances and I ask that Hall Chief Xiong to calm yourself down.”

Xiong Ba could do nothing but retreat to the side quietly, his eyes still filled with anxiety and nervousness.

“In the past few days, it was all of you that provided treatment for our Young Miss?” Feng Yue Yang asked, looking towards Imperial Physician Li and the other physicians.

The group of physicians quickly nodded. The entire bunch of them had long heard of Feng Yue Yang’s name and even as somewhat famous physicians themselves, when faced with Feng Yue Yang standing before them, they could only defer obediently to him.

“Can you show me all the different elixirs and herbs you have given our Young Miss these past few days to this feeble old man to have a look at them?” Feng Yue Yang asked softly.

“Definitely! I ask that Senior Feng wait just a moment here. We will go fetch it immediately.” Several physicians quickly ran out and just moments later, they returned with all the kinds of elixirs and herbs they had given Qu Ling Yue in the past few days in their hands.


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