GDBBM – Chapter 865

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Chapter 865 : “Guests from Beast City (4)”

Xiong Ba wasn’t really in the mood to admonish Imperial Physician Li and he immediately rushed over to Qu Ling Yue’s bedside. Looking at the small familiar face so frail and weak, his heart winced up.

All the Hall Chiefs had watched Qu Ling Yue grow up to be the well loved girl they all knew. Whenever the Chieftain was busy with the city’s affairs, the younger Qu Ling Yue had often been put under the care of the Hall Chiefs. Although she outranked them with her position as the Young Chieftain against the various Hall Chiefs, that had been bridged from the onset as they had all treated Qu Ling Yue like family. Being made to see Qu Ling Yue reduced to such a state now lying motionless on the bed, besides the hurt Xiong Ba was feeling in his heart, his displeasure for the people in the War Banner Academy and the Yan Country had already almost reached its peak.

“Jiang Ying Long! We hand our Young Miss to the War Banner Academy and this is what you do to her!? Our Young Miss has never had to suffer any injuries as severe as this and she had been left unconscious for days! In regards to this, I am expecting a proper explanation from the War Banner Academy.” Xiong Ba said in rage.

Jiang Ying Long’s face was bitter as he hurriedly tried to explain: “I ask for Hall Chief Xiong to remain calm. This incident was purely an accident and not something that we would have been able to prevent. The Spirit Battle Tournament’s rules had always been just to subdue their opponents. Who knew that the disciple from the Zephyr Academy would actual deliver such a vicious strike in the competition! We are just as pained as you are seeing her in this condition.”

Deeply afraid that the Thousand Beast City’s rage would fall upon the War Banner Academy, Jiang Ying Long immediately shifted the blame onto Jun Xie to divert the calamity away.

“Who is it that injured our Young Miss!?” Xiong Ba asked in a shout.

Jiang Ying Long answered quickly: “It’s a disciple from the Zephyr Academy. His name is Jun Xie.”

“Zephyr Academy?” The youth from the Thousand Beast City raised an eyebrow. “Isn’t the situation in the Zephyr Academy highly different this year? They had actually been able to find someone from within their academy who was able to defeat our Young Miss?”

Although Qu Ling Yue was still rather young, but she had managed to attain the topmost rank in the academy’s Spirit Battle Tournament. Throughout the top three elite academies, people who were able to match up and fight to a draw with Qu Ling Yue numbered few and far between and the number of people who would be able to defeat her was even more scarce.

The news of the Zephyr Academy’s decline had already spread far and wide and they found it hard to believe that the Zephyr Academy in that state were still able to send someone who was able to defeat Qu Ling Yue.

“What I am saying might sound unbelievable but if you gentlemen just ask around in the Yan Country’s Imperial Capital, you will find that I am telling you the truth! The Zephyr Academy has only sent six contestants to the competition this year and the six of them have attained powers of an astounding level! Five among them have reached the blue spirit power level and they are all only about sixteen to seventeen years of age! The one that injured Qu Ling Yue is Jun Xie, the youngest among all of them, and although he is only barely fifteen years old, her spirit power level has already reached the green spirit level!”

The moment Jiang Ying Long’s words reached them, the youth’s and Xiong Ba’s faces immediately showed expressions of utter disbelief. They had spent many years toiling through their cultivation and they knew very well how difficult it was to gain any progress in their spirit power growth. Not to mention how old those youths from the Zephyr Academy were, even if their ages were multiplied a few times, it would still be difficult to achieve that kind of results.

“Is that the truth?” The youth asked in shock.

Jiang Yong Long nodded. “Naturally it is. I wouldn’t dare deceive all of you. If Hall Chief Xiong doesn’t believe me, you can go out anywhere into the Imperial Capital and just grab anyone to ask, and you will know that I speak the truth.”

Xiong Ba and the youth exchanged looks, their eyes filled with astonishment.

At that age, with that kind of spirit power level. Those facts exceeded and went beyond what they have known all their life about spirit power cultivation and throughout the entire lands since time immemorial, how many people had been able to reach such astounding levels at such a young age?


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