GDBBM – Chapter 855

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Chapter 855 : “Prison Visit (1)”

When the horse carriage reached the Crown Prince’s Residence, Jun Wu Xie left together with Qiao Chu who had remained behind to wait, refusing Lei Chen’s invitation to have them stay for dinner.

Jun Wu Xie returned with Qiao Chu back to the Immortals’ Loft where Fan Zhuo and the others had been waiting for a long time.

“How was it?” Fan Zhuo very naturally poured out a cup of warm water, and brought it before Jun Wu Xie.

“There is more in it than meets the eye in this matter.” Jun Wu Xie said, accepting the proffered cup of water to moisten her throat.

“Have you noticed anything from it?” Fan Zhuo had complete confidence in Jun Wu Xie’s medical skills as he himself had been a patient of hers.

Jun Wu Xie nodded, but did not show any intentions of further elaborating on it.

“I’ll switch back with Brother Hua tonight and if there is any news on Qu Ling Yue’s condition from here on, just go there and inform me about it.” Jun Wu Xie paused a moment, and then said to Fei Yan: “The next time you go investigate into Qu Ling Yue, remember to check whether there is a bruise behind her ears.”

Although Fei Yan did not fully understand what Jun Wu Xie meant, he nevertheless nodded his head without question.

That night, Jun Wu Xie went back to her prison cell to switch places with Brother Hua and not long after they had switched, a rather special visitor arrived at the prison.

“Jun Xie!” The youth’s clear voice sounded exceptionally loud in the quiet prison so late in the night.

Jun Wu Xie looked up slowly from within her cell and saw the Fourth Prince, Lei Fan, dressed in a lavish brocade suit standing outside her cell.

In the end, he had come just as expected.

Jun Wu Xie laughed to herself within but nothing showed outwardly in the least.

“For what reason had Your Highness come here?” Jun Wu Xie asked, her tone expressionless, her clear cold eyes not a ripple in them.

“Jun Xie, you must have suffered being in here. I heard my Father mention about you and got to know that you had been imprisoned here. I then tried seeking all ways and means to come see you, knowing that you are not that kind of a person. You will never strike so viciously at a woman and I was thinking it must have been unintentional.” Lei Fan said, standing outside the cell, looking worriedly at Jun Xie, his attractive eyes looking thick with worry.

Lei Fan bit on his lip, looking highly melancholy and aggrieved as he looked at Jun Xie.

“Before this, although you refused my invitation then, I have still really liked you as a person. You might not be willing to be my studying partner but I am however still very keen to have a friend just like you. When I found out that you had been thrown in prison, how could I stand back and do nothing about it?”

“Thank you Your Highness for your concern, I am fine.” Jun Wu Xie was however completely unmoved.

“You don’t have to put on a brave front like this.” Lei Fan said with a sigh, looking around at the dank and dark prison and continued to say: “Having to remain in a place like this, how could you be good and fine? But because the person you injured this time is the Young Miss of the Thousand Beast City and the Thousand Beast City had always been a powerful force and most ordinary people do not dare to go against them an inch. Now that you have injured their Young Miss, the Thousand Beast City will definitely not let the matter rest so easily.”

As he spoke, Lei Fan’s face revealed a trace of anxiety.

Jun Wu Xie laughed coldly in her heart, her face not betraying an ounce of what she was thinking inside. She only stared stoically at Lei Fan’s earnest face that was looking highly worried.

“Right or wrong, the truth shall prevail one day.”

Lei Fan replied: “You say it so easily, but do you know that the Young Miss of the Thousand Beast City is currently still unconscious? Father has already summoned all the most famous doctors and Imperial Physicians from the Palace and sent them all there but she is still not showing a single sign of recovery. I had secretly gone to ask those Imperial Physicians and they said….. they said Qu Ling Yue might not hold out for any much longer.”


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