GDBBM – Chapter 854

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Chapter 854 : “Peerless Genius Doctor (10)”

“Just how is Qu Ling Yue’s condition now?” Jiang Ying Long opened his mouth to ask anxiously.

Imperial Physician Li’s lips were pale and white, not intending to open his mouth in the slightest.

However, a physician standing on one side started to say with a puzzled frown on his face: “Miss Qu’s injuries….. judging from her pulse, seems to have fully recovered, and it is only due to excessive blood loss that she is still unconscious…..”

“What?” Jiang Ying Long’s eyes widened, unable to believe what his ears were hearing.

“Qu Ling Yue is only suffering from excessive loss of blood? But….. but weren’t all of you saying that she had sustained severe injuries?”

The physician’s face was filled with utter incomprehension. “That….. is a fact though. When we came in here and took Miss Qu’s pulse earlier, Miss Qu’s pulse was highly erratic and was still in chaos. But when we took her pulse the second time, we found that her internal injuries had seemed to have recovered. With our decades of experience as physicians, such a strange occurrence of a patient’s pulse is the first for me.”

A person teetering precariously on the edge of life and death had suddenly turned to become no different from normal in the next instant. If this was told to any other person outside, it would surely not be easily believed.

Jiang Ying Long was stunned into silence a moment, before suddenly remembering Jun Wu Xie’s actions. He immediately rushed to go right before Jun Wu Xie and said hurriedly: “Miss Jun, is it your Heart Coagulation Elixir?”

Jun Wu Xie nodded calmly.

“The Heart Coagulation Elixir is just a common elixir. How could it possibly disperse such severe injuries that Miss Qu had sustained?” The bunch of highly confused physicians immediately raised their doubts to make it known.

“But it is really strange, how is it right after Miss Qu is given the Heart Coagulation Elixir, her injuries immediately showed signs of improvements?”

The bunch of physicians immediately debated furiously on the exceptional circumstances and even after debating on it for a long while, they were still not able to arrive any closer to a conclusion. The situation was afterall really one they had never even heard of before, much less encountered it.

Imperial Physician Li secretly observed Jun Wu Xie and then turned to look at Lei Chen whose face was showing a gradually growing smile. He gritted his teeth in annoyance and suddenly said: “Whether is it due to the Heart Coagulation Elixir is still not known. Afterall, there are so many of us here who had toiled and worked on it for quite a long period and have fed Miss Qu a lot of different elixirs and herbal concoctions. Those earlier medicines given might have just taken effect and we cannot say the improvements to Miss Qu’s condition is due to Miss Jun’s actions.”

The smile that had just surfaced on Lei Chen’s face was suddenly suppressed by Imperial Physician Li’s words.

Jun Wu Xie was however completely unconcerned and was not intending to bother herself with Imperial Physician Li at all. She turned to Jiang Ying Long and went on to say: “Miss Qu will still require a little more nursing and I should think that such an easy task will be well taken care of with so many physicians present. I shall be taking my leave then.”

With that said, Jun Wu Xie immediately turned and left.

Jiang Ying Long had actually wanted Jun Wu Xie to stay a moment longer for him to ask a little more about the situation but Jun Wu Xie had been quick and curt with her departure, leaving him no opportunity to even open his mouth to ask.

Lei Chen followed right behind in exit. When the two of them stepped out through the inn’s main doors and climbed up into the horse carriage that belonged to the Crown Prince’s Residence, Lei Chen finally allowed the emotions he had been having a hard time holding in explode out. “Miss Jun. I had been blind and completely underestimated you. I really had not thought that Miss Jun’s skills in Medicine was of such an exemplary level. If I have shown you any disrespect earlier, i will beg that Miss Jun does not hold it against it.”

“Truth be told, Miss Jun’s earlier air of nonchalance with your actions, had completely showed up that whole bunch of physicians there. As I was leaving, I had distinctly seen the look on Jiang Ying Long’s face that told me he had wanted you to stay longer, and that ashen and livid expression on Imperial Physician Li’s face had been satisfying to see.”

“It’s still not time to be too happy about it.” Jun Wu Xie said as her gaze turned to look out the window.

“What do you mean?” Lei Chen was slightly taken aback.

But Jun Wu Xie was not in the mood to say anything further.

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