GDBBM – Chapter 856

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Chapter 856 : “Prison Visit (2)”

“If Qu Ling Yue dies, the Thousand Beast City will most definitely want your life in exchange. Jun Xie, I know that you hold great pride but your own life is more important now. Having earned the wrath of the Thousand Beast City, not even the Zephyr Academy will be able to protect you.” Lei Fan said with all earnest honesty. His voice was tinged with worry and was seemingly seeing Jun Xie as a confidante, while trying his best to ensure he remains safe.

“Oh? Then what does Your Highness have in mind?” Jun Wu Xie asked.

A smile flashed in Lei Fan’s eyes and was quickly covered up. His face once again became solemnly sincere while he said: “Jun Xie, although I can’t be compared to my Royal brother who is the heir to the Yan Country’s throne, but I am still at least the Fourth Prince of the Yan Country. If you were to become my studying partner, I will be be able to make use of my Father’s doting and indulgent ways towards me and plead for him to protect you against any harm. Of course….. this is just a plan made out of convenience and if you are not willing to remain by my side after this matter is resolved, I will definitely not force you against your will! I sincerely just want to save you and only by taking on a position as my most trusted aide would my Father try his best to protect you from harm.”

Jun Wu Xie did not immediately reply but just continued to look at Lei Fan’s face, like she was trying to determine something from him.

Lei Fan remained steadfast as he looked at Jun Xie.

Jun Wu Xie suddenly shook her head.

“I thank Your Highness for your kind intentions, but I do not need it.”

Jun Wu Xie had rejected the offer once more and that had caused Lei Fan’s face to stiffen up. He had not thought that Jun Xie, even after being put in such dire straits, would still refuse his offer of rescue. He discreetly sucked in a deep breath and suppressed the displeasure welling up within, trying his best to maintain an amicable and friendly composure outwardly.

“For Jun Xie to reject my kind intentions, is it due to my Royal Elder Brother?”

“Why would you say that?” Jun Wu Xie asked.

Lei Fan said with a laugh: “I know that Jun Xie shares a rather good relationship with my Royal Brother. With my Royal Brother as the heir to the Yan Country’s throne, it is naturally a fact that a young prince like me would not be able to compare to him. But Jun Xie, have you really not noticed it? In these few days that you have been in prison, had my Royal Brother even come here to at least take a look at you? Has he even thought of trying to get you out of here? With your extraordinary powers, my Royal Brother would undoubtedly want to win you over to his side, but Qu Ling Yue is no ordinary person. She is the Young Miss of the Thousand Beast City and to be honest, my Royal Brother had all along intended to win Qu Ling Yue’s favour. He had always shown much care and concern towards Qu Ling Yue as what he is truly after is the Thousand Beast City behind Qu Ling Yue!”

“Now that you have injured Qu Ling Yue, my Royal Brother would have to make a hard choice to sacrifice one of you. Jun Xie, no matter how highly skilled strong your powers are, in the eyes of my Royal Brother, you cannot compare to the Thousand Beast City behind Qu Ling Yue. Do you know, in the few days that you had been in prison, my Royal Brother had successively made frequent trips to go to the inn the War Banner Academy are allocated with to inquire about Qu Ling Yue’s condition? With his actions, don’t tell me you still can’t see it for what it is. He is intending to abandon you, while trying to protect his relations with the Thousand Beast City!” Lei Fan was getting agitated as she spoke, his hands involuntarily grabbing tightly onto the bars on the cell door, his slightly widened eyes filled with worry and looking highly indignant, his face slightly flushed from his agitation.

Jun Wu Xie however just looked at Lei Fan calmly, her peaceful demeanor somehow making Lei Fan’s agitated emotional outburst look like a joke instead.

“Your Highness is thinking too much into it. I am not expecting the His Highness, the Crown Prince to get me out of here.” Jun Wu Xie said slowly.

“Then why are you still refusing my suggestion to save you? I am really sincere in helping you!” Lei Fan continued to rant, getting highly agitated.

“The prison is not a place that Your Highness should be coming to. Your Highness should go back already.” Jun Wu Xie said, lowering her eyes, calmly inviting the visitor to leave.



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