GDBBM – Chapter 853

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Chapter 853 : “Peerless Genius Doctor (9)”

“Alright.” Jun Wu Xie immediately agreed.

Imperial Physician Li suddenly spoke up and said in a contemptuous tone: “Teacher Jiang is really a patient man, that you would allow a little girl still wet behind the ears to carry on like this.”

Jiang Ying Long could only smile weakly at Imperial Physician Li.

After having gotten Jiang Ying Long’s consent, Jun Wu Xie did not dawdle on it and immediately poured out an elixir into her hand, while with her other hand, she made it look like she was holding up Qu Ling Yue’s neck and fed the elixir into Qu Ling Yue’s mouth. Impossible for it to be noticed by anyone, Jun Wu Xie had hidden a silver needle between her fingers and successively pierced it into the back of Qu Ling Yue’s neck. Once the elixir was fed into the mouth, she retracted her silver needle quickly, at a speed so quick and fast that no one would be able to notice.

After feeding Qu Ling Yue the elixir, Jun Wu Xie retreated to one side, not intending to say another word, while the group of physicians led by Imperial Physician Li were pointing at her and whispering among themselves, seemingly trying to guess at Jun Wu Xie’s intentions.

Jiang Ying Long walked nervously over to the side of Qu Ling Yue’s bed and was carefully scrutinising Qu Ling Yue’s complexion.

Lei Chen was also nervously throwing his gaze over to onto the bed.

Imperial Physician Li cast a cursory glance over and did not see that Qu Ling Yue was showing any signs of improvement but remained lying on the bed with her breaths still shallow and short. The corners of his mouth then curled up and his cold sneer became more intense.

“To think that there would be people who think that the Heart Coagulating Elixir is a treasure, how amusing…..”

However, before Imperial Physician Li could finish his sentence, Jiang Ying Long suddenly gasped out aloud!

Lying upon the bed, Qu Ling Yue suddenly had her brows furrowed up and the fair skinned tiny hand lying at the side of the bed moved a little.

Jiang Ying Long stared in disbelief with his eyes opened wide. Ever since Qu Ling Yue fell into a coma, she had not shown the slightest reaction. This was the first time that he was seeing her show any sign of stirring!

“Ling Yue moved! Ling Yue moved!” Jiang Ying Long looked up at them in exhilarated joy, his eyes on the group of physicians in the room.

The group of physicians were flabbergasted at that sudden shout from Jiang Ying Long but they recovered quickly and immediately went to take a look at Qu Ling Yue.

Qu Ling Yue who was lying on the bed was showing some colour returning to her complexion at a speed visible to the eye. Her pale and deathly pallor from before had suddenly disappeared without a trace in an instant. Although she was still lying quietly upon the bed, her breaths had strengthened and stabilized, blood returned to her face once more, completely driving away the haggardness she was showing before!

Lei Chen noticed that change that came over Qu Ling Yue and he secretly glanced in Jun Wu Xie’s direction, where he saw in Jun Wu Xie’s eyes asking him to hold his horses for the moment.

“How is that possible! ?” Imperial Physician Li stared in utter disbelief at Qu Ling Lue who was gradually showing improvements to her condition. He rushed immediately to Qu Ling Yue’s bedside and took her pulse. And the pulse that he felt from Qu Ling Yue’s wrist made his face turn an instant pale white.

Qu Ling Yue’s pulse which had been highly erratic and was in chaos had now returned to normal. And from the pulse that he felt, Qu Ling Yue had fully recovered from her the severe injuries she sustained and he could no longer detect a trace of it. The only symptom was one of a high loss of blood and other than that, she was relatively fine.

That pulse, in whichever way you look at it, was not anything like the same person who had seemed like she had been teetering on the verge of life and death!

Imperial Physician Li fell back step in devastation. He stared blankly at his own hand that had just felt the pulse, like his hand must have been completely mistaken in the diagnosis.

Jiang Ying Long was still waiting for Imperial Physician Li to speak and when he saw Imperial Physician Li staring vacantly as he stood on the side, he asked the other physicians to help check Qu Ling Yue’s pulse. The physicians tooks Qu Ling Yue’s pulse one after another and their reactions after taking the pulse were highly similar to Imperial Physician Li’s, each one of them staring wordlessly into empty space.

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