GDBBM – Chapter 852

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Chapter 852 : “Peerless Genius Doctor (8)”

Jiang Ying Long’s brows furrowed up together. As one of the teachers in charge of the War Banner Academy for this year’s Spirit Battle Tournament, he knew that if anything really happened to Qu Ling Yue during the competition, he would not be able to answer to the people from the Thousand Beast City. With the mentality of just giving it a try, Jiang Ying Long released Jun Wu Xie’s arm and brought the bottle of elixirs to come stand before Imperial Physician Li.

“This concerns the life and death of Qu Ling Yue. As long as there is the slightest sliver of hope, I am not willing to give it up. I will have to ask that Imperial Physician Li help take a look at it, and see just what this elixir actually contains.”

Imperial Physician Li glared at Jun Wu Xie briefly, his eyes filled with displeasure. He snatched up the bottle containing the elixirs and opened the cover, bringing the bottle to put under his nose as he sniffed at it.

A light and faint fragrance filled his nostrils, and just smelling the scent alone made one feel refreshed and alert.

Imperial Physician Li’s eyes flashed and he handed the bottle to the group of physicians beside him, for them to inspect it carefully.

“How is it?” Jiang Ying Long asked.

Imperial Physician Li glanced at Jun Wu Xie and a cold laugh erupted out from him.

“I had thought what it could contain, and it is merely Heart Coagulating Elixir. There is indeed nothing wrong with the elixirs, but the Heart Coagulating Elixir is not something rare and it is merely used to nourish and gather one’s Qi and increases one’s concentration. Little girl, you dare to actually claim that an elixir like this is effective towards Miss Qu’s injuries, isn’t that just laughable? Elixirs like this, all of us here will have quite a bit of it with us, if elixirs like this can diffuse Miss Qu’s injuries, why would they need all of us here for?”

As Imperial Physician Li finished his statement,  several of the other physicians were in agreement with him. Although they did not find anything inappropriate with Jun Wu Xie’s Heart Coagulating Elixir, but with such a common elixir, if used on Qu Ling Yue’s current condition, would just be deemed utterly inadequate, a cup of water on a burning cart of firewood, and would not result in any improvements.

“I am merely asking, if Miss Qu is given this elixir, will it in any way aggravate her injuries?” Jun Wu Xie completely ignored Imperial Physician Li’s sarcasm.

All the physicians were shaking their heads at the same time.

“The Heart Coagulating Elixir might not cause any harm to Miss Qu’s injuries, but….. it wouldn’t bring her much in the way of benefit as well. It might very well turn out just like those herbal concoctions she already had.” An old man with a head of white hair said.

Jun Wu Xie nodded her head in satisfaction.

“Since it will not bring harm but with slight benefits, why don’t we give it a try? Without even trying, how do we know it will be ineffective?”

“That…..” The white haired physician paused and looked at Imperial Physician Li.

Imperial Physician Li took the Heart Coagulating Elixir back from the physicians and tossed it to Jun Wu Xie. “It is good that young people have a mind of their own. But when those ideas strayed too far from the truth, then they will only turn out to be fantasies. Although the Heart Coagulating Elixir might have that tiniest bit of benefit towards Miss Qu’s injuries, but it will only be a matter of pouring a cup of water upon a burning cart of firewood.”

“Whether it will be just a cup of water on a burning cart of firewood as you say, we will have to try it before we know for sure.” Jun Wu Xie’s eyes flashed with cold laughter as she turned, unwilling to waste her breath on Imperial Physician Li any longer, looking straight at Jiang Ying Long.

“Teacher Jiang, the words of all the physicians were clearly heard by you as well. Whether we will give it a try, will be your choice.”

Jiang Ying Long was decidedly hesitant, and he thought about it a few times, but finally nodded his head in the end.

“Since the Heart Coagulating Elixir can bring that minute bit of benefit to Qu Ling Yue in her current condition, regardless that all it achieves is just to nourish her Qi’s blood, it will be a benefit nevertheless. But I will have to state my stand on this beforehand. Since Miss Jun has so stubbornly insisted that the Heart Coagulating Elixir can treat Qu Ling Yue’s injuries, and due to His Highness, the Crown Prince’s grace, I will allow Miss Jun to just give it one try. But if Qu Ling Yue does not show any improvements after taking the Heart Coagulating Elixir, I will have to request that His Highness and Miss Jun to not further interfere with Qu Ling Yue’s treatment henceforth.”

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