GDBBM – Chapter 841

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Chapter 841 : “Trumped Up Charges (2)”

Jun Xie’s power was well known to everyone. Although Jun Xie had defeated all his previous opponents in a blink, he had never once wounded them mortally. But on this day, before their very own eyes, Jun Xie had struck at Qu Ling Yue till she was vomiting blood incessantly. When they saw the state Qu Ling Yue was in while she was being carried off, everyone knew things were going to turn ugly.

From what they could see, Qu Ling Yue had sustained highly severe internal injuries!

As the battle arena erupted into a chaotic clamour, a troop of guards suddenly rushed in. They were holding swords gripped in their hands and they were all looking at Jun Xie still standing on the battle stage.

“You are Jun Xie?”

Jun Wu Xie’s cold gaze swept over the troop of guards and her eyes narrowed.


“The Spirit Battle Tournament prohibits its participants from mortally wounding the lives of others. Qu Ling Yue is currently in a coma from her severe wounds and her life is at risk. You have been too brutal with your attacks and have gone against the rules of the Spirit Battle Tournament. We will have to ask that you come with us!” One of the guards said in a cold tone.

The battle arena broke into another round of a tumultuous roar. The Spirit Battle Tournament did indeed have such a rule, they were allowed to battle but were not allowed to kill their opponents. If they were to take someone’s life, they would be unilaterally sanctioned.

Jun Wu Xie stated coldly at the guards who had rushed in all well prepared and the corners of her mouth hooked up in a chilling smile. She cooperatively raised both her hands up in front of her but with that movement, all the guards immediately tensed up nervously!

“What are you thinking of doing! ?”

Jun Wu Xie raised a eyebrow and asked: “Didn’t you say you are going to take me away?” She pressed her arms together and cold mirth flashed in her eyes.

[They had gotten here real fast.]

The guards finally relaxed and heaved a sigh of relief. They all knew Jun Xie possessed a green spirit and none among them was Jun Xie’s match. Fortunately, Jun Xie was being cooperative and one of the guards immediately brought a coil of chains and walked to stand before Jun Xie, to chain up his hands securely, before quickly bringing him out.

Jun Wu Xie allowed herself to be led away by the team of guards and she was thrown right into prison, while the entire Imperial Capital was thrown into another uproar.

The Young Miss of the Thousand Beast City, Qu Ling Yue, had gotten severely injured in the Spirit Battle Tournament and the culprit that had been responsible was none other than the one person everyone highly debated about, the prodigious youth, Jun Xie!

In moments, the news spread very quickly among the people.

At that moment, Jun Wu Xie was sitting alone in the Imperial Capital’s prison. In the dark and dank prison, only a pile of dirty dry straw was thrown on the ground and a pungent and nausea inducing stench pervaded the entire prison.

Jun Wu Xie plopped herself down upon the pile of dry straw and lowered her eyes to look at the locked chains on her arms, a faint smile playing across her lips.


[In your past and present life, Mistress, this is the first time you are squatting in jail! How….. queer this is feeling.]

The little black cat plodded a few rounds around Jun Wu Xie.

“In life, there is a first for everything.” Jun Wu Xie said softly. Towards the bad state of things she was mired in at that moment, Jun Wu Xie seemed to be unconcerned. The thing that was on her mind at that moment, was what really happened to Qu Ling Yue.

She had thought about it carefully earlier. Qu Ling Yue had not shown any abnormal signs before their battle and immediately after the battle started, she had suddenly vomited out blood and collapsed. She was certain she had not touched Qu Ling Yue, so it was not possible that she had injured her.

She had not paid Qu Ling Yue that much attention but it was not hard to see that Qu Ling Yue was naive and innocent. For such a simple minded girl, Qu Ling Yue wouldn’t have tried to scheme against her as well.

Jun Wu Xie could almost be certain, that today’s incident, was most definitely a plot by someone, and it was targeted directly at her!

“Is it the Emperor, or is it the Fourth Prince? She must admit, the speed that this plot had been executed, hadn’t been that slow this time.” Jun Wu Xie’s faint smile deepened and a icy frosty shone in her eyes.



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