GDBBM – Chapter 836

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Chapter 836 : “The Fourth Prince (3)”

Jun Wu Xie had at the very instant that Lei Fan had stood up known the Fourth Prince’s intentions and a cold smile flashed across her lips. She stood unmoving in her spot as she noticed Lei Fan gradually approach out of the corner of her eyes.

The battles for the first battle district had begun but all the youths in the battle arena had suddenly lost interest in spectating the battles as their eyes subconsciously followed the figure of Lei Fan around.

Although Lei Chen was the Crown Prince of the Yan Country, but the knowledge that the Fourth Prince was the one most doted upon and was most favoured had been known throughout the lands. If any of them were to gain the favour of Lei Fan, it would undoubtedly be a great opportunity for them.

However, when everyone saw Lei Fan making a beeline straight towards Jun Xie who was standing in a nondescript corner, everyone’s heart suddenly felt as if somebody had just stomped on them hard.

Even the Fourth Prince was showing interest in Jun Xie!

The bunch of youths who just had hope rise in their hearts felt distinctly the feeling of falling down to earth from the heavens.

If it had been anyone else, they might not be feeling that forlorn, but out of all people, that person had to be Jun Xie…..

A monstrous youth who completely dominated over all of them in terms of spirit power and had already gained the favour of the current Crown Prince. What did they have to offer to compete with Jun Xie? All of them added together would not even be enough to take on Jun Xie in a fight!

All the youths quickly fell into depression and they could only stare quietly at Lei Fan who was walking to come stand beside Jun Xie with a brilliant smile on his face.

“Are you Jun Xie?” Lei Fan asked as he stood before Jun Xie, his head tilted to one side, his smiling eyes blinking innocently as if he was looking at something very interesting to him.

“Yes.” Jun Wu Xie replied curtly.

“My name is Lei Fan. My Royal Brother said you are the strongest in the first battle district and wanted me to learn a little from you. He said I am growing up fast but still stumbling around like an ignorant kid.” Lei Fan said, looking smilingly at Jun Xie, as he chattered on but his demeanor was slightly sheepish before Jun Xie as he scratched his head in self consciousness, his face tinged with slight embarrassment.

Jun Wu Xie stared coldly as her eyes observed Lei Chen’s performance. She must say that although Lei Fan was still rather young, but his acting skills were on a level completely deeper than that of Lei Chen’s. With just a few lines, he had managed to present himself as a ignorant and guileless youth and the words he spouted out carelessly, were even more interesting…..

Everyone knew that the Crown Prince were on close terms with the Zephyr Academy and he took extra special care of Jun Xie among all the disciples. Lei Fan had dragged Lei Chen out with his first lines in an attempt to quickly bridge the distance must be said to have been brilliantly and beautifully executed.

Even having just met, Jun Wu Xie knew that Lei Fan was not just an ordinary youth. For the Emperor to be able to dote on him so much, the first reason was that his “mother” had been the Emperor’s most beloved woman, and secondly….. must have been due to the Fourth Prince being so “clever”.

“The Fourth Prince is being too courteous and Jun Xie does not deserve it.” Jun Wu Xie replied, deflecting it skillfully. She wanted to see just what kind of intentions the Fourth Prince had in mind coming to her on this day.

In response to Jun Xie’s cold indifference, Lei Fan did not show any signs of displeasure and he only continued on smilingly to say: “Jun Xie, you shouldn’t be so modest. My Royal Brother has already told me everything. At such a young age, you already possess an astounding green spirit, and looking throughout the lands, where would we find one as prodigious as you? To be honest, although my ring spirit has awakened, but in terms of spirit power, my progress has been rather dismal and my Father had even admonished me about it.”

Lei Fan paused a while and then went on to say to Jun Xie in a highly serious tone: “Jun Xie….. I have actually come here today because there is something I would like to discuss with you.”

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