GDBBM – Chapter 838

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Chapter 838 : “The Fourth Prince (5)”

The news of the Fourth Prince’s visit to the first battle district quickly spread throughout the Imperial Palace, and reaching everyone’s ears was also the news of Lei Fan’s invitation that was met with Jun Xie’s….. complete disregard.

Lei Chen had rushed to the Immortals’ Loft at the first instance and at that moment, Jun Wu Xie and the others were having a meal. When they saw Lei Chen suddenly appear looking highly flustered and anxious, they all put down their chopsticks.

“What is going on? Does Your Highness want to eat with us?” Qiao Chu asked with a laugh with chopsticks still gripped in his hands.

Lei Chen asked the waiter to be dismiss himself and he hurriedly went over to sit beside Jun Xie.

“Lei Fan went to look for you?” Lei Chen asked, his voice heavily tinged with anxiety.

Jun Wu Xie slowly chewed the food in her mouth and swallowed it, before turning around to see Lei Chen’s face already covered in a thin sheen of perspiration.

“You are being afraid.” She said calmly.

Lei Chen did not mind that his anxiety was showing so obviously before Jun Xie and he nodded his head vigorously.

“I am scared, really scared. For Lei Fan to go look for you, must have been under my Father’s suggestion. He is temporarily unable to make any rash moves but he can see that I am being rather close to you guys from the Zephyr Academy. All of you had stood out brilliantly and conspicuously in many of the battle districts in the Spirit Battle Tournament and drawn a lot of attention to yourselves, hence, my Father would naturally not be happy to see people with such overwhelming powers to be on such good terms with me. He has every intention of kicking me off my position as the Crown Prince to install his precious Fourth Prince onto it, doing everything he can to give all that is best to my fourth brother, so how can I not be worried? Compared to the power and authourity held by the Emperor, what can a mere Crown Prince do?”

Lei Chen could not help but be frightened. In the first place, he did not understand why Jun Xie and his companions would want to help him and if it was because of the previous incident where they were set up and maligned before that had tied them together, that matter had been resolved by Jun Xie and if it was because of power and authourity, riches and prosperity, what the Yan Country’s Emperor was able to give was way more than he could.

After Lei Chen became aware of Jun Xie’s astounding power and highly shrewd mind, he became more worried that Jun Xie would switch over to Lei Fan’s camp.

Jun Wu Xie glanced at Lei Chen’s countenance with her eyes remaining a sea of calm.

“I am not interested in being anyone’s study partner.” Jun Wu Xie said plainly, and although her voice was indifferent, it had allowed Lei Chen to heave a big sigh of relief.

“Little Xie would have to be crazy for her to be someone’s study partner.” Qiao Chu mumbled softly in a low voice.

Lei Chen turned to look questioningly at Qiao Chu and Qiao Chu immediately buried his head and dug furiously into his bowl of rice.

“If you do not have any such intentions, I am greatly relieved. Truth be told, if even you left my side, I will not have anything else to retaliate against him with.” Lei Chen said with a heavy sigh. Those words were not to please Jun Xie’s ears, but was merely stating a fact.

If Jun Xie had switched to help Lei Fan, Lei Chen really did not have any confidence that he can handle Jun Xie’s schemes.

“I have rejected it.” Jun Wu Xie said, actually bothering to explain it one step further on this rare occasion.

Her disregard towards Lei Fan in the battle arena was the best answer she could give. She could still remember after she had stepped up onto the battle stage, the expression on Lei Chen’s face that had twisted up with forcibly suppressed rage as he walked out of the arena.

“Lei Fan is more intelligent than you are, but still not smart enough as he is still a little green.” Jun Wu Xie said, carrying the little black cat into her arms. Although Lei Chen was quick witted, he was not able to put on a complete act like Lei Fan was able to. But Lei Fan’s life so far had been too smooth sailing and although he possessed a nimble mind, his highly arrogant personality was his one big fault.

At least, when she had shown the same utter disregard many times towards Lei Chen when they first met, Lei Chen had not shown such obvious displeasure then.

“He had always displayed a high level of intelligence and if I had not become the Crown Prince before he was born, I would most likely have lost out to him.” Before Jun Xie, Lei Chen saw no point of hiding his incompetence.

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