GDBBM – Chapter 835

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Chapter 835 : “The Fourth Prince (2)”

Lei Fan had always stayed within the Imperial Palace and seldom stepped out. And when he did go out, he would always be accompanied by a contingent just like today’s.

Jun Wu Xie’s arms were crossed before her chest and was calm and unruffled in the sudden clamour around her as she scrutinised Lei Fan who had suddenly appeared in the battle arena. From the day the Battle Spirit Tournament had begun till now, this Fourth Prince of the Yan Country had not made an appearance once, not even on the day that Lei Chen had hosted the banquet and had invited all the contestants. Lei Fan had not even shown up then and his sudden appearance here today was a surprise to many people.

The man in charge of the first battle district hurried forward to welcome the important guest. Everyone knew that the Emperor heavily favoured and doted on the Fourth Prince and the special attention showered upon him even overshadowed that shown to the Crown Prince!

“I did not know that Your Highness, our Fourth Prince has arrived and I have been tardy with my welcome. I beg for Your Highness’ forgiveness!” The man said in trepidation.

Lei Fan’s inborn smiley eyes narrowed slightly, seemingly not offended in the slightest, but instead looked to be filled with the innocence if a bumbling child. “Your Honour has been too polite. I am here merely to come look around and I will ask that Your Honour let everyone continue and not bother about me.”

The man nodded hurriedly.

The feeling that Lei Fan gave to people was completely different from Lei Chen.

The image that Lei Chen intentionally tries to create was one of a modest and affable leader that made him highly approachable but people tend to remember his high position and status. Lei Fan was instead no different from any other child, looking completely guileless and innocent. That smiley little face would make people subconsciously tend to easily forget his identity as a noble prince.

It seemed after Lei Fan spoke, the highly tense atmosphere in the arena quickly relaxed and many of the people in the crowd had suddenly developed a liking for Lei Fan with his guileless and innocent demeanor.

Lei Fan found himself a spot within the arena to sit down and very coincidentally, he plopped down right beside Qu Ling Yue.

Qu Ling Yue was familiar with Lei Chen and with her identity as the Young Miss of the Thousand Beast City, she was frequently allowed entry into the Imperial Palace itself and she somewhat knew the princes on a personal level. When Lei Fan came to sit down right beside her, Qu Ling Yue wasn’t really too surprised.

“Will Big Sister Ling Yue be taking part in today’s competition?” Lei Fan asked, looking smilingly at Qu Ling Yue, asking his question very naturally without reservation.

Qu Ling Yue nodded her head. She wasn’t on very familiar terms with Lei Fan, but Lei Fan’s demeanor somehow made people unable to be displeased with him.

“I am the last one, it’s still early.”

Lei Fan rested his chin in both his palms, blinking his eyes as he watched the youths battling on the battle stage. His gaze although seemingly indifferent as he watched, was actually secretly observing every single person within the battle arena. His gaze went one full round but his eyes still did not manage to locate his target and he could not help it but start to feel a sliver of doubt in his heart and he turned his head to Qu Ling Yue and asked: “Father told me that the Spirit Battle Tournament this year has quite a few incredible contestants in the competition and specifically asked me to come take a look and learn a few things. Father told me I am growing up and I must not continue to drift aimlessly forever. Hence, I have come out to see for myself. Big Sister Ling Yue, I had heard that a unparalleled genius had appeared in the first battle district and his name seemed to be called….. Jun Xie? Is that really true?”

Qu Ling Yue looked at Lei Fan. Lei Fan was quite a bit younger than she was and coupled with that completely innocent tone of voice, she did not think too much about it and just assumed that he had just been too bored in the Imperial Palace.

“That’s right. That one over there is Jun Xie.” Qu Ling Yue raised her hand and pointed at the figure that was standing behind a whole crowd of people, a tiny figure that was almost invisible.

At the moment that Lei Fan’s gaze had fallen upon the figure of Jun Xie, a strange look flashed briefly across his eyes and his the corners of his mouth had very naturally turned up to flash out a smile.

“Jun Xie looks to be quite close to my age. I should go try to learn a few things from him.” As Lei Fan spoke, he stood up from his seat and went towards the direction that Jun Xie was in as he walked.


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