GDBBM – Chapter 833

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Chapter 833 : “Apologies, It’s My Turn (8)”

Zhao Xun has disappeared. Ever since he was last seen to be pursued by assassins, Zhao Xun had disappeared from sight altogether. And his last words that were heard on the main street by many people, became evidence that the people pondered heavily upon.

The winds had changed in the Yan Country’s Imperial Capital and the incident soon absolved the Crown Prince of the crime pinned on his head gradually dissipating into nothing.

At the first instance that Lei Chen had received the news, he had not been able to sit still but he knew he must not make any rash moves at that moment and it was not until it was deep into the night that he quietly and silently made his way to the Immortals’ Loft to seek out Jun Xie.

“Little brother Jun! How did you manage to achieve that? That Zhao Xun, how did you make him show up at the Spirit Battle Tournament to fight you! ?” Lei Chen was fighting to suppress his excitement as after that morning, the rumours that had plagued him had completely turned around. The Crown Prince had sent people out to listen to the words and discussions of the people in the Imperial Capital and had discovered that they no longer linked all those incidents to him and that had made him heaved a big sigh of relief.

Jun Wu Xie was carrying the little black cat in her arms and was seated calmly on a chair as she looked at the highly excited and delighted Lei Chen, while her face was still a sea of calm just like always.

“He was supposed to show up anyway.” Jun Wu Xie replied calmly.

Lei Chen then asked: “Where is Zhao Xun now? I am afraid he is in very deep trouble now. Since he had chosen to work with you, shouldn’t I dispatch some guards to protect him now?”

Jun Wu Xie shook her head and replied: “His continued disappearance will be the best situation for you.”

Only when Zhao Xun remained unfound, would it make the debate surrounding the matter more heated. With every single day that Zhao Xun remained missing, the last words heard from him would remain fodder for the people to dig up and search.

“Really….. But….. As long as Zhao Xun remains in the Imperial Capital, he will be discovered sooner or later. If my Father finds him first and forces him to change his statement, wouldn’t that…..” Lei Chen could not help but continue to feel worried. The changes that happened today had been firstly due to Jun Xie’s overwhelming powers and secondly because of Zhao Xun’s final words before he disappeared. If Zhao Xun’s words were to change, the end result would be rather disastrous for him.

Jun Wu Xie was nonchalantly stroking the little black cat in her arms, looking unconcerned. “No one would ever find him. He will not appear ever again.”

For someone who had been turned into a bloody puddle and to seep into the ground thereafter, who would be able to find him?

Lei Chen looked at Jun Wu Xie in puzzlement. From the dire straits that he had been till now, with just barely a day that passed, Jun Xie had completely turned the entire situation around and with such amazing finesse that no one had been able to find any cracks in the ploy. Lei Chen could not comprehend just how such a young youth had been able to devise such a flawless and impenetrable plan.

After this incident, Lei Chen no longer dared to see Jun Xie as an ordinary youth who was able to upend the consensus and belief of the people in the entire Imperial Capital within one short day. Abilities such as this, was revered and respected even by him.

“Since little brother Jun is so confident, I have nothing to worry about then. After this round of incidents, I strongly believe my Father would have to put a lot more thought into it before he embarks on any other schemes against me. I expect myself to be able to relax a little in the immediate days ahead.” Lei Chen said with a laugh. Right from the day the Spirit Battle Tournament had begun till now, this day was the happiest one he had.

He could almost imagine, when the one sitting high up upon the throne discovered all that had happened today, just how marvelous his reaction was going to be.

“You can’t relax.” Jun Wu Xie suddenly said.

Lei Chen was surprised.

“Although he won’t be able to carry on with the same ploy, but the Yan Country’s Emperor will not give up on the opportunity so easily. You will have to prepare yourself well for it.” Jun Wu Xie’s fingers swept over the little black cat’s smooth fur. She was looking forward to see just what kind of other tricks the mighty Emperor of the strongest Yan Country would be able to conjure up.

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