GDBBM – Chapter 832

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Chapter 832 : “Apologies, It’s My Turn (7)”

Within the Yan Country’s Imperial Capital, behind the high table in the Imperial Study was the current sitting Emperor. His face was ashen as he stared at the dark robed man kneeling before his table, his darkened face livid with rage. Gripped in his hand, was news just brought in and on that piece of parchment, was recorded that day’s events, rumours and the winds that had changed in the Imperial Capital.

“That matter has really been well handled hasn’t it? Hmm?” The Emperor’s eyes were narrowed and he suddenly flung the pieces of parchment onto the face of the black robed man!

The black robed man remained unmoving as he knelt on the ground, not daring to say a single word against it.

“I ordered you to carry it out and you what have you done? What is the meaning of this? What is this? Why did the disciple of the Hua Wan Academy show up at the Spirit Battle Tournament? That kid called Jun Xie had exhibited unbelievable green spirit powers with his first move, isn’t that telling everyone that all the lies from before are just a joke? After letting that fact be revealed was not enough and what did you bunch of imbeciles do after that? The entire bunch of you had even let the disciple from the Hua Wan Academy run amok in the main street spouting all kinds of nonsense! Are all of you thinking I do not have enough on my mind? That you bunch had to cause such an uproar making it a big scandal! ?” The Emperor sat upon his chair, his chest heaving with the immense rage boiling within, his eyes red and bloodshot, staring straight at the black robed man kneeling on the ground before him.

The black robed man’s body stiffened and he hung his head even lower.

“This matter is caused by your humble servant’s mistake. Your humble servant did not expect the disciple from the Hua Wan Academy would suddenly go back on his word. Your humble servant has already sent men out to investigate into the whereabouts of Zhao Xun. Once we find him, he will be sure to regret it.”

After Zhao Xun kicked up such a fracus within the Imperial Capital that day, he had suddenly disappeared. In order to capture Zhao Xun, they had staked out the Hua Wan Academy’s allocated inn. But even after waiting till late night, they had not seen a single sign of Zhao Xun. To prevent the matter from getting any bigger, they could only send their men to search throughout the Imperial Capital in secret for Zhao Xun, but the guy seemed to have vanished from the face of the earth and they had not even spotted a shadow of him after searching through the entire Imperial Capital.

“Zhao Xun must be located at all costs!” The Emperor narrowed his eyes and he forced down the rage in his heart. “Additionally, we cannot carry on with this matter. Jun Xie’s powers has been revealed and if we continue to persist, we will only be inviting ridicule. No one will believe that a green spirit will need such help from Lei Chen.”

The Emperor’s mind was finally clearing up enough for him to think it through. The Zephyr Academy was recently stealing the limelight in many of the battle districts and he had heard some things about it, but he had not expected that the youngest participant of the Zephyr Academy would possess such terrifying powers as well.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” The black robed man answered.

The Emperor drew in a deep breath. “The situation at the Zephyr Academy had been a little beyond my expectations when they got close to the Crown Prince. Since there is no way we can make further use of the people in the Zephyr Academy to achieve anything else, we can do something to try to win over these rare youths who are so highly gifted.” The Emperor said and paused, the anger on his face fading away as his lips turned up into what could be thought of as a benevolent smile.

“Little Fan had been cooped up in the palace recently and he should go out and loosen up a little. He should take advantage of the Spirit Battle Tournament that is still going on and mingle a little with the elites from the various academies, so that he might be able to choose a few of the more outstanding ones who can stay by his side to guard him in future.”

When the Fourth Prince was mentioned, the Emperor’s eyes softened and became a lot more gentle.

“And the matter with His Highness the Crown Prince…..” The black robed man asked carefully.

The Emperor’s gave immediately creased up in a frown. “Temporarily temper it down a little. Wait till the final ten in the Spirit Battle Tournament has been decided before you continue with it. With the farce that you and your men had just stirred up, unwanted suspicions will be raised if you continue to act against him.”

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