GDBBM – Chapter 831

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Chapter 831 : “Apologies, It’s My Turn (6)”

It was still morning and the main thoroughfare in the Yan Country’s Imperial Capital were filled with pedestrians coming and going. From within the bustling and squeezy crowd of people, a ear piercing scream suddenly tore through the crisp morning air as people from all directions looked towards the source of the sound.

They saw a wretched looking pale faced youth, howling as he scrambled and clawed his way through the crowd.

Out from the youth’s mouth, came sounds of incessant pleas, shocking the people on the street to freeze in shock and surprise.

Judging from the looks and dress of the youth, he looked to be a participants of the Spirit Battle Tournament. Everyone was wondering why the youth had suddenly appeared here, screaming such shocking words into the ears of so many people in the main street.

The grandiose Spirit Battle Tournament had always attracted the attention of everyone in the Imperial Capital every year, and regarding the incident at the Spirit Battle Tournament this year, the people had more or less heard a little about it.

His Highness the Crown Prince had in order to protect a disciple from the Zephyr Academy, secretly forced several disciples of other academies to pull out from the tournament and much of those rumours had already spread to every corner of the Imperial Capital.

But the words of this youth here….. suddenly drove suspicions into the hearts of the people here on the main street.

When the man who had been chasing after Zhao Xun saw him running into the crowd and screaming and shooting his mouth off heedlessly, his face immediately darkened and the dark robed man who had been just steps behind almost fainted from rage on the spot when he heard what Zhao Xun was saying through those screams!

[What was that foolish scoundrel saying out there!]

“Make him shut up this instant! He must not speak another word!” The black robed man’s face was livid! He had never dreamed that things would get so out of hand with so many consecutive unexpected accidents happening. The crowd was tightly packed on the main street and Zhao Xun’s voice was loud and piercing. Now that those words were heard by such a big number of people, what would the repercussions be! ?

Several men immediately pounced on Zhao Xun in the middle of the street, pointed daggers held in their hands as they needed to shut Zhao Xun up in the shortest time possible.

But somehow, without knowing why, the seemingly flustered and panicked youth was as slippery as an eel. He zipped through the crowd on the street, his darting figure slipping nimbly among the squeeze of people, giving his pursuers absolutely no chance of even coming near him, and his mouth had in all that time, continued to spout those hopelessly damning words against them!

In a matter of a mere ten over minutes, Zhao Xun’s figure had completely disappeared within the sea of people while his exasperated pursuers had no other choice but to leave in discomfited rage.

But their merciless pursuit earlier had not been missed by the countless pairs of eyes of people on the main street then. And with those very words that Zhao Xun was screaming out as he made his escape, a strange conjecture formed and very quickly spread throughout the crowd then.

And that conjecture, was immediately heard and the crowd at the first battle district exploded into a bubbling pot of conspiracy theories just as the matches for that day ended!

The youth who had seen his opponents repeatedly forfeit their matches had finally battled today. And with that one battle, he had exhibited astounding and unbelievable power, a green spirit!

With Jun Xie’s overwhelming power, it had made the nosy parkers start to think that the situation had been rather strange. With power such as this, there was absolutely no need for the kid to have to conduct such underhanded manipulations at all! !

Just as everyone was getting puzzled by the newfound circumstances, another piece of news had spread like wildfire once more.

It was in the morning on that same day, that people had seen a youth dressed in the uniform of the Hua Wan Academy, pursued by killers right on the main street of the Imperial Capital! And the youth being pursued had been screaming in plea all that time! And with the words heard from his pleas, it told the people of another important piece of news!

The forfeitures of Jun Xie’s previous opponents had not been the work of the Crown Prince, but it had been someone else who had intentionally gone to threaten those opponents of Jun Xie and forced them to forfeit, while pinning the blame onto His Highness, the Crown Prince.

The two pieces of astounding news, when linked up and heard together, a whole new picture was revealed and spread once again like wildfire with a strong gale to carry the news to every single nook and cranny in the Yan Country’s Imperial Capital!


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