GDBBM – Chapter 828

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Chapter 828 : “Apologies, It’s My Turn (2)”

Right in the centre of the battle stage, Jun Wu Xie and Zhao Xun stood facing each other, the atmosphere suddenly became nerve wrecking, and the youths in the crowd watching them took a long while before they were able to recover. It looked like the battle for this match was just about to begin!

“Zhao Xun! That‘s really manly! You actually have the guts to stand up to the Crown Prince! This show is just going to be great!”

“That’s just what I have been saying. Someone will surely come along to teach Jun Xie a lesson one day. That kid was just putting on a brave front saying time was not up yet, now the rock she picked up herself has dropped onto her own foot! Zhao Xun has shown up, look at the the little kid’s skinny arms and legs, I think she won’t be able to stand up to a single strike from Zhao Xun.”

Seeing that the fight was about to start, the youths in the first battle district were all almost boiling over with anticipation. All of them did not dare to go against Lei Chen, but that did not mean they wouldn’t enjoy seeing Jun Xie getting thrashed up!

Within the arena, Jun Wu Xie’s tiny frame looked even more frail and weak before Zhao Xun’s tall frame. At one glance, it was clear who was the stronger one.

Everyone was secretly anticipating to see, just how Jun Xie would be slapped before everyone!

With the ring of the bell signalling the start of the match, Jun Wu Xie who was standing on the battle stage finally moved!

And with that first move, the entire arena that had been fully prepared to cheer and mock fell completely silent!

All the pairs of eyes were staring at the brilliant green spirit glow flaring out from Jun Xie’s body. The bright light had in that instant almost blinded the eyes of all the youths in the crowd!

“Green spirit! How can that be possible! ! ?”

A roar filled with shock exploded from the crowd! Everyone could not believe their eyes as they looked at the tiny figure engulfed in his own brilliant green glow!

A fifteen year old green spirit, no one had ever heard of something like that!

They were all rubbing their eyes to make sure they were seeing things right!

The figure of Jun Wu Xie was moving within the battle stage like lightning and when seen against that bright green flare, the orange spirit of Zhao Xun was so miniscule it couldn’t even be seen! The movements of the green spirit was so fast that everyone eyes could not keep up with it. All they could see was a brilliant green flash moving at an incredibly fast speed towards Zhao Xun!

At that moment, everyone’s mouths were all clamped shut. Jun Wu Xie had only merely released her spirit power and she had already given everyone there a powerful slap across their faces!

All those youths who have accused her of fawning on Lei Chen, had been jealous of her incredulous and undeserved luck, were now suddenly unable to speak another word.

A green spirit….. wouldn’t need any help from anyone in secret here. With that kind of power, he would be able to completely dominate the entire first battle district!

Before such overwhelming power, all excuses quickly became a joke.

After this, no one would be able to say that because Jun Xie was too weak, he had secretly forced his opponents to pull out from their matches.

From what they could see, throughout the whole first battle district, not a single opponent would be able to stand up before him.

Suddenly, nobody spoke a word. The entire arena had fallen eerily silent. The youths who had earlier mocked and jeered felt their faces burning up painfully. If a green spirit was considered trash, they what did that make them? More insignificant than trash?

The battle was over in a blink. An orange spirit had no chance of standing up against a green spirit. Seemingly before everyone could recover from their shock, Zhao Xun who had been standing on the stage was suddenly sent flying from a single kick by Jun Xie, his tall figure drawing one big arc in the air to fall heavily in a corner of the battle stage!

Jun Wu Xie had just executed one move, and he had achieved a win in a mere second!

Such dominating and overwhelming power, made all those youths who had despised Jun Xie silently gulp in horror.

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