GDBBM – Chapter 829

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Chapter 829 : “Apologies, It’s My Turn (4)”

What kind of a joke was that! ? Jun Xie was just an absolute monster! What was the Crown Prince even thinking! ? How could he even think that that demonic monstrosity would not be able to advance through the rounds in this tournament! ? There was absolutely no need for him to secretly ask those contestants to forfeit their matches! Doesn’t the whole thing look like a joke to everyone now?

Those youths who had firmly believed that Jun Xie had committed those dastardly deeds because he had been weak and helpless suddenly found their minds unable to comprehend the situation at hand.

With Jun Xie’s spirit power level, he would be able to effortlessly overwhelm any opponent in under a second, why would he even need to go through all that hassle?

On the battle stage, the spirit power glow around Jun Wu Xie had already dissipated. She quietly adjusted her clothes and calmly turned to look at the announcer who was standing at the side with his mouth wide agape.

“You can announce the result.”

The announcer stood gaping for another moment before he suddenly snapped his mouth shut. He gulped heavily on his own saliva and looked with his face filled with astonishment at the expressionless Jun Wu Xie. At that moment, hee no longer dared to show the slightest disdain like he had earlier and in his eyes, one only saw immense terror.

“From the Zephyr Academy, Jun Xie wins!” The announcer said almost falteringly, his eyes looking right at a terrifying monster.

[That kid looked to be fifteen at most!] [And he had attained the green spirit! ?]

It was not enough that the Zephyr Academy had rocked the entire tournament with several seventeen and eighteen years olds with blue spirits, now a fifteen year old green spirit had even emerged from them! ?

The announcer was suddenly immensely grateful that he had not said anything sarcastic to Jun Xie as he had feared reprisal from Lei Chen from before. But now it seemed that there was no need for Lei Chen to lift a finger and Jun Xie by himself would be able to squash him like a bug!

The announcer’s voice reverberated within the arena and those among the crowd who still had not recovered from shock suddenly regained their senses, turning their disbelieving eyes to look at the figure of Jun Xie slowly walking off the battle stage.

Immediately, the crowd surrounding the stage unconsciously parted to allow Jun Xie a clear and unhindered path through, with none of them daring to say a word to him, their hearts still palpitating from the shock.

Jun Wu Xie walked down calmly from the stage, under the countless stares all focused upon her, and even til when her back disappeared from the exit of the battle arena, their eyes had remained staring foolishly at the doors that Jun Xie had just exited from.

It had been just a few short minutes, but it all seemed so surreal, just like a dream.

No one had noticed, Zhao Xun who had been sent flying by Jun Xie with a single kick, had taken the opportunity when he saw that everyone was shocked and dazed, silently got up, his face not showing any signs of agony while he quietly patted off the dust from his clothes, and had slipped out of the arena without a sound.

Today was the first time Jun Xie had been seen to have executed a move in the entire Spirit Battle Tournament, and that one single move from him, had been more than enough to completely erase off all the unsightly blemishes previously smeared upon Jun Xie’s name.

Even if Jun Xie had been a significant orange spirit, things would not have happened to this extent and people would not be in such an advanced state of shock and disbelief.

But when she showed up as a green spirit, there wasn’t the slightest doubt that he would have been able to overwhelm and exert total dominance over any opponent in the first battle district.

It could be said, with the rare exceptional breed of those other demonic monsters from the same Zephyr Academy, throughout all the contestants in the Spirit Battle Tournament, they wouldn’t be able to find another person who would be able to stand up to Jun Xie’s overwhelming strength. When they saw that the kid possessed such unbelievable power that was almost demonic, everyone suddenly could not fathom why the Crown Prince had needed to commit such despicable deeds in the tournament.

To the extent that many of them were even thinking that those opponents who had previously pulled out of the competition had been really lucky.

Having forfeited voluntarily was at least better than having everyone witness himself being tormented and humiliated by an opponent smaller and younger. They would at least still have their dignity intact. Just like Zhao Xun today, getting himself defeated by Jun Xie in a mere second with a single strike, that was just so embarrassing and shameful. Without mentioning anything else, but the chances of being seen as anything close to formidable would have been completely crushed with that.


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