GDBBM – Chapter 827

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Chapter 827 : “Apologies, It’s My Turn (2)”

Standing in the middle of the battle stage, the announcer glanced at Jun Xie standing on the stage with him. His lips curled up derisively as he thought back to the several times all of Jun Xie’s opponents had forfeited their matches. He knew it in his heart and although he could not say his thoughts out aloud, that expression on his face already strongly exhibited his obvious disdain for Jun Xie.

All eyes within the arena were focused on Jun Xie and almost everytime Jun Xie had stood upon that stage, nobody had turned up to stand opposite him.

Today, the masses were thinking the same thing would just happen and they were not holding their breaths as they waited for the time limit of one hour to pass. They wanted time to move quickly so they could proceed on to the next match.

The seconds passed into minutes and the arena was getting more and more rowdy with impatience. People were no longer looking at Jun Xie standing alone on the stage and the next match’s contestants were preparing for their upcoming battle.

The announcer was watching the time, and there was no much time left before the accursed hour would be up. He finally could not help but open his mouth and said: “Young Master Jun, I think Zhao Xun would not be coming today as well. I am thinking we should just move on to the next match in line.”

What he meant was for Jun Xie to stop with his act and not waste everybody’s time.

“Time is not up yet.” Jun Wu Xie replied monotonously as she looked up at the announcer.

The man gave a sigh and retreated to the side.

Obvious from his demeanor he wasn’t keen to carry on seeing Jun Xie put on his act.

“”What difference does it make whether the time is up? Everyone knows what really going on here and who are you putting up the act for?” The arena was in an uproar, and if not for their fear of Lei Chen behind Jun Xie, the crowd might very well have moved to throw Jun Xie out unceremoniously.

However, under all the rising clamorous noise, a tall figure had suddenly appeared at the doors into the arena.

A bunch of youths who had been whispering into each others ears had upon seeing the person at the doors of the arena suddenly froze in place.

They stared in disbelief at the youth walking slowly to the battle stage. The people in the crown subconsciously rubbed at their eyes and were all thinking whether they were actually hallucinating!

The one who had just appeared at the doors into the arena was no stranger!

It was Zhao Xun who was Jun Xie’s opponent that day!

“Why is he here?”

A group of youths looked questioningly at Zhao Xun, unable to believe their eyes.

Zhao Xun walked up to go towards the middle of the battle stage under countless pairs of fixated eyes, standing easy and nonchalant before Jun Xie.

“We can begin now.” Jun Wu Xie said suddenly.

The announcer in charge of the matches had obviously been stunned into silence and he remained like that for a while before he turned to look uncertainly at Zhao Xun, asking in a probing tone: “Zhao Xun, what did you come here for?”

Zhao Xun lifted his eyebrow and said sneeringly: “Isn’t today the day for my match? Asking me what am I here for, shouldn’t you know it well?”

The announcer was stumped by Zhao Xun’s words and his face turned a shade paler. He turned his head to look at Zhao Xun and Jun Xie, his face still in shock.

The youths in the arena had exploded into exhilaration! They had initially thought that Zhao Xun might have appeared to come announce his willingness to forfeit the match, but finally…..

Was the guy really going to fight Jun Xie! ?

The sudden and unexpected change of events had caught everyone unawares.

Zhao Xun had just yesterday blatantly hinted at his acceptance of the His Highness the Crown Prince’s terms in his offer and fully intended to give up on the match. But….. why had he then come here today? And he was even making a big show of wanting to battle with Jun Xie in the match!

At that moment, everyone was becoming hopelessly confused.

“Cough, since that is the case….. Then you can begin.” The announcer retreated to the side awkwardly as his heart became more and more confused.


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