GDBBM – Chapter 826

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Chapter 826 : “Apologies, It’s My Turn (1)”

The matches had not even begun and Jun Wu Xie had already become the focus of everyone’s attention. All eyes were fixed on her but she was still walking slowly at her own pace to come into the arena. The dagger stares thrown at her from all directions did not seem to affect her in the least.

“Some people are just born lucky. Even when they do not do anything, and do not know anything, they will always have someone who will pave the way forward for them. Unlike all of us here where we have to fight tirelessly and putting our lives at risk but might still not achieve what some people can receive with just a few words.” Their tones filled with endless jealousy, the youths whispered loudly as they stared at Jun Wu Xie. Their voices were at least loud enough for the people immediately surrounding their circle to hear clearly which many who heard mostly agreed with the bunch of youths, highly envious of Jun Xie’s unbelievable “luck”.

Although their words were rather prickly, but they did not dare to carry it too far before Jun Xie. Afterall, the disciple who had been murdered was linked to Jun Xie and they were all fearful of the power and authourity of Lei Chen’s position, but that fear only served to fuel their jealousy even further.

The tournament finally began after that and right from the first match, the sounds of battle coming from the battle stage did not stop. The youths were all fighting to exhibit their best abilities, hoping to earn themselves a spot in the tournament.

“Miss Qu, don’t you think that brat is just too much? He had obviously committed such despicable deeds and he still has the cheek to continue coming here.” A youth who was quite familiar with people of the War Banner Academy slipped to stand beside Qu Ling Yue, looking highly indignant.

In the first battle district, they had gone through several rounds of chaotic battles. From the numerous battles fought, several of the contestants have shown their skills and power to be outstanding and among them, Qu Ling Yue from the War Banner Academy was acknowledged to be the most powerful fighter among all the youths in the entire first battle district. Qu Ling Yue was not only the top disciple in the War Banner Academy, she was also the Young Miss of the Thousand Beast City, rendering her status and position to become one that only a select few could compare to.

Naturally, Qu Ling Yue had become the hottest favourite in the first battle district to win. However, besides Qu Ling Yue, the first battle district still had another individual that stood a chance to advance into the top ten ranks and that was Jun Xie. But everyone held a rather different feeling towards Jun Xie’s chance to advance….. They would not feel the slightest pride for her at all.

Qu Ling Yue glanced briefly at the youth but did not say a word.

The youth did not give up on trying to start a conversation with Qu Ling Yue. “Technically, things like this are usually deemed to be illegal, and with people like him around, the rules of the Spirit Battle Tournament have surely been flouted. But I sincerely believe that Miss Qu would never allow people of such debased character to continue with their ways and I really wish that Miss Qu would take people like this down a peg or two.”

It can be said that besides Qu Ling Yue, within the entire first battle district, no one else would be able to go against the Crown Prince’s authourity. Everyone there were all secretly wishing that Jun Xie would meet with Qu Ling Yue in battle as soon as possible and have Qu Ling Yue overwhelm him and they would all be able to be at ease.

Qu Ling Yue clicked her tongue, unwilling to say anything to the youth and she was feeling rather perplexed at the moment. She shifted her feet slightly away but her sight was involuntarily locked on Jun Xie, her eyes tinged with curiosity and worry.

The matches concluded one after another and it would be Jun Wu Xie’s turn very soon. No one in the crowd believed that Jun Xie would really step onto the stage and fight. Everyone’s eyes swept all over the arena a few times but did not manage to see any signs of Zhao Xun, and their eyes were quickly shining with disdain and contempt.

[As expected, it’s happening once again!]

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes looked down and the corners of her mouth moved slightly, like she was estimating something. When she heard her name being called out, she looked up and walked towards the center of the battle stage.

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