GDBBM – Chapter 822

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Chapter 822 : “Don’t Ask for Death and You’ll Live (5)”

“So it is about this. Young Master Jun, please rest assured. For tomorrow‘s match, I will definitely not turn up, and Young Master Jun can continue to advance to the next round.” Zhao Xun began to relax. From what he could see, Jun Xie will not reject an offer so advantageous to him.

Although the Lord was the one making the arrangements to convince him to forfeit, but wouldn’t Jun Xie be glad to know that he would be able to advance unhindered as well tomorrow? Jun Xie must have thought that the Crown Prince was the one arranging everything for him and he had specially come all the way here tonight to ask whether his opponent would show up tomorrow for the tournament.

“Oh?” Jun Wu Xie asked, as an eyebrow raised up.

Zhao Xun laughed and continued to say: “It’s the Crown Prince’s wish and I will implore Young Master Jun to kindly accept it.” The Lord had left instructions, that no matter who he was telling it to, he must say that Lei Chen was the one responsible for all these arrangements and Zhao Xun had naturally not dared to forget that.

“So you’re telling me that this is all arranged by the Crown Prince?” Jun Wu Xie asked Zhao Xun, seemingly unmoved.

Zhao Xun nodded, but in his heart, he despised Jun Xie slightly. At such a young age, the boy had actually dared to come take part in the Spirit Battle Tournament and had even encountered such luck! It did not matter who was responsible for all of this but the fact was that Jun Xie was able to avoid facing any strong opponents and still advance effortlessly through the tournament which was just incredible and unbelievable luck, and JUn Xie should be feeling very glad about it.

Jun Wu Xie slowly picked up a cup of tea from the table at her side and took a tiny sip. Her gorgeous eyes lowered then and her lips parted slightly to call out: “Dumb Qiao.”

“Here!” Qiao Chu who had been standing quietly at the side stepped forward.

“Hold him.” Jun Wu Xie said softly.

Zhao Xun had not even had time to react when he saw the figure of Qiao Chu suddenly flashed before appearing right beside him. He had not even moved the slightest and Qiao Chu’s leg had already swept out and kicked him behind the knees!

A wave of excruciating pain swept over him!

Zhao Xun’s legs immediately gave out and he fell straight into a kneeling position before Jun Xie. He wanted to struggle to stand up but Qiao Chu’s hand had already closed over his shoulder in a strong grip, holding him down helplessly on the ground.


“One more word and I’ll rip your tongue out.” Jun Wu Xie slowly raised her eyes and her gaze were like two icy daggers as they pierced through Zhao Xun’s body.

Zhao Xun was completely stunned as Jun Xie’s terrifying pair of eyes locked onto him. Jun Xie’s words had driven fear into his heart and when he wanted to retort, he saw that Fei Yan who was standing just beside Jun Xie had already drawn a dagger in his hand, its razor sharp edge gleaming in the low candlelight, and he quickly swallowed back the words that had been on the tip of his tongue.

[That kid wasn’t kidding!] [He is deadly serious!]

Cold sweat ran down Zhao Xun’s face and he looked nervously at Jun Xie. Although he did not think Jun Xie would be a match for him but the powers of the others from the Zephyr Academy were well known to him. Just drag anyone of the others and they would be a blue level spirit and they were not what a powerless and weak orange spirit like him would be able to stand up to!

“You have the guts to set me up then you better be prepared to suffer the consequences. Do you think I am really so dumb?” Jun Wu Xie’s brow raised up as she stared at the pale faced Zhao Xun, her voice so cold it sent chills running through him.

“I….. I….. did not…..” Zhao Xun gulped loudly and not knowing why, the tendrils of fear began to creep into his heart.

The pair of eyes colder than empty wells looked as if they looked through his soul and all his lies had nowhere to hide.

“Who asked you to forfeit?” Jun Wu Xie then asked.

“It’s the Crown Prince…..”

Before Zhao Xun was able to finish his sentence, Qiao Chu who was holding him down immediately sent a punch to smash right on his face, and Zhao Xun’s entire cheek immediately swelled up, an entire half of his face all puffed up!


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