GDBBM – Chapter 823

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Chapter 823 : “Don’t Ask for Death and You’ll Live (6)”

The cry of pain had not even spilled out from Zhao Xun’s mouth and Qiao Chu already had his hand over Zhao Xun’s mouth. Zhao Xun’s face immediately flushed red as the agony tore at him.

“Don’t make me ask another time.” Jun Wu Xie looked at Zhao Xun without the slightest tinge of sympathy, her eyes filled with a terrifying chill.

Qiao Chu slowly released his hand and Zhao Xun found that the hand that was gripped on his shoulder had shifted position and it was now clasped over his neck. The fingers flexed and Zhao Xun knew that Qiao Chu would only need to exert a bit of his strength and his neck could be snapped off easily.

Zhao Xun had never been put under such threat. He was a disciple from an ordinary academy and they were only used to stopping their battles at the first hit that landed in their friendly sparring matches, and today was the first time he had felt that Death was hovering so close to him!

He was frantic as he looked at Jun Xie who was sitting straight backed in her chair, the sliver of disdain in his heart had quickly turned into fear. Not even in his dreams would be have dreamt that the one kid that everyone in all the academies had classified as a douchebag, and had relied entirely on the Crown Prince to advance in the tournament, could be so vicious and merciless!

“You….. What do you want from me? This place is filled with disciples from the Hua Wan Academy, don’t tell me you will really dare to kill me here? If you really do that, it will only be much worse for you tomorrow at the match!” Fear had turned Zhao Xun’s body cold, but he still did not dare to speak the truth. If he spoke a single word about it, even if Jun Xie spared his life, the Lord would never let him off.

“You are welcome to try me.” Jun Wu Xie shrugged as she spoke, not shaken in the least by Zhao Xun’s threat.

Zhao Xun was about to say something moor but Jun Wu Xie had no patience to hear his nonsense. She nodded to Qiao Chu and his hand clasped around Zhao Xun’s neck suddenly tightened!

It was just for one moment! Zhao Xun’s face was now green, struggling desperately as he tried with everything he could to try to pry off Qiao Chu’s hand. But his tiny bit of strength was not able to move Qiao Chu in the slightest.

“If not for that bit of use we have for you, you would already be dead now.” Jun Wu Xie said staring coldly at the deathly pale Zhao Xun. She had not made any moves before this because she had not been sure how harsh the Emperor would be in his methods against Lei Chen. But that did not mean she would forever stay silent and allow herself to be used as a pawn continually.

If he had the guts to set her up, he should be well prepared to face Death up close!

Zhao Xun’s face had turned purple over that deathly pale and his four limbs were twisted up in agony as they struggled in vain. His eyes were wide and both his hands were clamped in a deathgrip on Qiao Chu’s sleeve, his eyes filled with hopelessness.

“Let him go.” Jun Wu Xie said just before Zhao Xun was about to suffocate to death.

Qiao Chu released his grip.

Fresh air rushed into his chest once more as Zhao Xun lay in a heap on the floor coughing violently. The agonizing feeling that death almost had him just the moment before choked him so badly that tears and mucus were smeared all over his face. He cared not about it in the least as the mind numbing fear wrecked incessantly at his entire being. He struggled to lift his head as he fearfully looked at the apathetic figure sitting upon the chair. He did not hold the slightest doubt that the next time he dared to avoid answering directly, Jun Xie would not hesitate to have Qiao Chu kill him!

“I….. I do not know who he is….. He came to me after the drawing of lots finished. He….. he asked me to forfeit the match in the next round, and wanted me to hint to everyone around me that this was all the work of the Crown Prince….. I really do not know who he is! Everything I said is the truth!” Zhao Xun was crying as he spoke, tears mixing with mucus all over his face, a real wretched sight.


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