GDBBM – Chapter 821

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Chapter 821 : “Don’t Ask for Death and You’ll Live (4)”

“Tasks assigned to me by my Lord will definitely be carried out properly. After the match tomorrow, I will continue to spread more rumours and I can guarantee my Lord that you will not be disappointed.” Zhao Xun said cautiously.

The black robed man nodded, then he immediately turned and left.

After Zhao Xun watched respectfully as the man left, he finally sighed in relief, while at the same time, his heart leapt with joy.

Once the matter was concluded, endless luxuries and riches with a bright future awaited him!

Filled with high anticipation, Zhao Xun hummed a tune as he made his way back to the academy’s inn. The delight on his face did not look like what someone who was about to face a strong adversary should be showing and his fellow disciples from the same academy began to whisper among themselves about it. Almost everyone was guessing the Zhao Xun must have received the “Crown Prince’s benefits” and was going to forfeit his match tomorrow, and that was the reason he was being so carefree and relaxed.

As the night grew deeper Zhao Xun happily went back into his room and was intending to have a night of good dreams before he continued to carry out that man’s orders. But when he pushed his room door open, he found the room pitch dark. He had not had time to light the candle yet but the room suddenly filled with candlelight when someone lit it.

Under the glow from the candle, Zhao Xun suddenly saw that several unfamiliar youths had appeared in his room!

“Who are you guys?” Zhao Xun asked in shock, staring at the youths in his room.

“It seems you do not recognise me.” A delicate youth sitting on a chair said as he raised his eyes to look at the nervous Zhao Xun. Her brow lifted and a youth standing by the side of the door immediately shut it tight.

“What do you want?” Zhao Xun asked when he saw that the door was closed, and he tensed as he put up his guard. He looked at the youths a little more carefully and he realised that the people in his room were dressed in the Zephyr Academy’s uniform!

“You are from the Zephyr Academy?” Zhao Xun immediately asked them.

“To be more precise, I am your opponent for tomorrow’s match.” The delicate looking youth said, as he glanced briefly at Zhao Xun.

Zhao Xun was surprised a moment as he looked at the small sized fourteen or fifteen year old looking youth in front of him, and his eyes suddenly showed shock. “You are Jun Xie! ?”

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

A bead of cold sweat rolled down from Zhao Xun’s forehead. He looked at the other three youths in the room and could make a good guess at their identities.

“May I ask for what purpose has Young Master Jun come here to look for me on this night?” Zhao Xun was fighting to remain composed. He was not familiar with the people from the Zephyr Academy and at the moment when he realised that he was supposed to face Jun Xie in his next match, he had been worried. But after having been approached by the Lord, he no longer had any misgivings. But he had not expected that on the night before the match, Jun Xie would actually appear right before him!

“It’s nothing. I am just here to ask if you will be taking part in the competition tomorrow.” Jun Wu Xie asked softly, her eyes not showing the slightest ripple of emotion.

When Zhao Xun heard those words, he immediately smiled. He had wondered what it was all about. So, he was just asking about tomorrow’s match!

The Zephyr Academy’s performance had been outstanding in this year’s Spirit Battle Tournament and with the exception of Jun Xie who had not fought a single battle, the others all possessed astounding powers. All the way from the first round, Jun Xie had advanced without having to lift a finger even though Jun Xie was the youngest and most green contestant in this year’s Spirit Battle Tournament. Zhao Xun had heard that was because Jun Xie shared a rather strong relationship with the Crown Prince. Zhao Xun only knew that Jun Xie was the youngest contestant but as Jun Xie had not fought a single time, he did not think that Jun Xie possessed much power on his own but only knew the other three youths in his room were rather strong.


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