GDBBM – Chapter 820

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Chapter 820 : “Don’t Ask for Death and You’ll Live (3)”

Being given a “back door” access in the Spirit Battle Tournament, this was something they had never heard of before.

Zhao Xun was unconcerned as he sipped at his wine, and saying nonchalantly: “You think forfeiting the tournament will doom you? A single promise from the Crown Prince will be a lot more effort saving than all of us here slogging through the competition. For us all here who are taking part in the tournament, we won’t be able to achieve the top ten ranks anyway, but we are all still here, merely hoping to win ourselves a good future. If we are given a promise for that, what does it matter even if I forfeit?”

The youths looked at each other. From Zhao Xun’s words, they were able to detect that something was amiss.

Zhao Xun however acted like he had not noticed there was anything wrong with what he said and continued on: “Do you guys still remember when we were at the banquet before the tournament began, just how luxurious and grand it was? Those are the kind of places that we are usually not allowed to set foot in throughout our entire lives. And opportunities like this, I will not give them up. Forfeiting a mere tournament is that big a thing anyway…..”

After he finished those words, he broke into a wide smile and joyously drank a few more cups.

Several of the youths at the same table with Zhao Xun were thinking that those words sounded strange coming from Zhao Xun and the secretly exchanged glances at each other but they did not want to say anything more before Zhao Xun.

“Alright! I have to go back! Burp… Do well in the competition tomorrow! I won’t be joining in the fun.” The slightly tipsy Zhao Xun stood up unsteadily and waved as he left the restaurant. His foot had just stepped out when the youths at the table immediately huddled together and started whispering to each other.

“Does Zhao Xun’s words mean that the Crown Prince has already approached him?”

“Little wonder he could be so indulgent before a match. Looks like the rumours from before are true! The Crown Prince is truly using all ways and means to push that kid called Jun Xie into the top ten ranks!”

“I saw that Jun Xie, he is small in size and looks so skinny! What does the Crown Prince actually see in him! ?”

“Sigh, such a highly regarded Spirit Battle Tournament and it has been turned into such a disgusting and despicable farce. It’s really…..”

Envy, regret, and endless guesses. It had been just a few short lines from Zhao Xun, but it had caused quite a debate among the several youths at the table.

Zhao Xun walked out with unsteady steps from the restaurant. He did not immediately return to the Hua Wan Academy’s allocated inn but went stumbling into a deserted small alley. He had just entered the tiny alley when the drunkenness on Zhao Xun’s face instantly disappeared. In the alley, a dark robed man was standing within, seemingly waiting for Zhao Xun to appear.

“My Lord!” Immediately upon see the black robed man, Zhao Xun bent over in a deep bow.

The black robed man stared at Zhao Xun whose entire body was emanating with the stench of wine and he asked with a frown: “Has everything been done?”

Zhao Xun shook off the carefree nonchalance he had exhibited back at the restaurant earlier and his face turned serious as he said: “Your humble servant has already released the news. I believe before the night is over, without even having to wait for the match tomorrow, all the academies would have known that I have already secretly accepted the Crown Prince’s offer of a bribe, and have decided to forfeit the tournament.”

The black robed man nodded in satisfaction. “You’ve done well. Rest assured, as long as you carry out the tasks well, what you will be getting in the future would definitely be more than what a Spirit Battle Tournament can give you.”

“I thank my Lord for his confidence in me. Being able to assist my Lord is your humble servant’s fortune.” Zhao Xun said as his eyes flashed with a glint of joy. When the black robed man had first approached him, he had been rather afraid, and he had not expected that it would turn out to be a gift dropped down from the heavens to land right in his hands.

“Those who bend accordingly to circumstances are bound to succeed. As long as you carry out the tasks well, the benefits would naturally come to you. If it is not done well….. The fate of the previous one who died would be yours as well.” The black robed man’s voice suddenly turned chilly.

Zhao Xun shivered as the chill went through his body. He gulped heavily and hastily nodded his head.

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