GDBBM – Chapter 819

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Chapter 819 : “Don’t Ask for Death and You’ll Live (2)”

“You’ll handle it? But….. How do you intend to handle it?” Lei Chen looked a little dubious as he stared at Jun Xie. He had investigated Jun Xie’s identity before, although the Spirit Healing Technique he possessed was highly attractive to people, but that still would not change the fact that he was afterall still just a young youth.

Now that the matter had blown up to proportions that even he was finding too hot to handle, what kind of a solution would Jun Xie have?

Jun Wu Xie replied monotonously: “They only want the chaos to continue on that’s all. And to put an end to the chaos, it is actually very simple.”

Lei Chen was slightly taken aback. The rumours in the Imperial Capital were all because Jun Xie’s opponents had forfeited one after another and the reason the matter had reached such proportions was because one of the opponents had not only given up on the match, he had even forfeited his life. The crux of the matter, if they wanted the rumours to slowly fade, they would actually only need Jun Xie to battle his opponent in the next match.


“Since that person is using the relationship between the Zephyr Academy and me to create an issue, he will definitely send people to deal with your opponent for the next match. Although I have some men under my command, they will not be a match for that person’s men…..” Lei Chen said feeling rather perplexed. He would really like to stop the turmoil that man is stirring up, but, that man was one who sat at the top of everything in the Yan Country, and that was not a kind of power that he as just the Crown Prince would be able to stand up against.

“I don’t need you.” Jun Wu Xie said.

Lei Chen looked at Jun Xie doubtfully, deeply curious just how the boy intended to resolve the matter. If the matter continued to drag on, he knew his name and reputation would be sure to be completely destroyed while the Zephyr Academy would be cursed and despised, and Jun Xie himself who had been targeted in this malicious scheme would finally fall into the same wretched state as he would be in.

Lei Chen had meant to ask a few more questions but Jun Xie didn’t seem to be interested in continuing with their conversation and had issued an eviction order, to drive Lei Chen out of the Immortals’ Loft.

After Lei Chen left, Jun Wu Xie immediately called Fei Yan over and asked who her opponent for the next round would be.

“It’s Zhao Xun from Hua Wan Academy. Why would you ask about him?” As the companions’ information source, Fei Yan could be said to have grasped a large part of the namelist of the contestants for the Spirit Battle Contest. Having Jun Wu Xie suddenly looking for him to ask about her next match’s opponent made Fei Yan find it a little strange.

According to the past instances in Jun Wu Xie’s last few matches, her opponents had either been too frightened to take part, or have died a mysterious death, and from the way things looked, Jun Wu Xie would probably not have to fight her next opponent as well.

“Help me find out which places he frequents these few days.” Jun Wu Xie asked simply.

Fei Yan shrugged his shoulders and immediately set out to investigate.

Zhao Xun’s spirit power wasn’t too shabby on its own, but as he was studying in the not so famous Hua Wan Academy, not many people had even heard of him. And in this year’s Spirit Battle Tournament, he had performed rather well in his matches which had attracted the eye of quite a few talent scouts. On top of that….. his opponent for the next round would be Jun Xie, the one in the center of all the rumours going around. The moment the draw had ended, Zhao Xun’s name had suddenly spread throughout the first battle district.

In a luxurious restaurant within Imperial Capital, Zhao Xun was with a few other youths crowded around a table on the second level.

“I’ll say, Senior Zhao. You are supposed to fight that Jun Xie tomorrow and you had better watch yourself. Behind that kid, is His Highness the Crown Prince. The few others who had been matched up with that kid had all been sold short. His opponent in the previous round had even been….. you know it.” One of the youths said, looking worriedly at Zhao Xun. Jun Xie’s name in this year’s Spirit Battle Tournament could be said to be the most famous, or rather infamous, that had rocked the entire tournament.


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