GDBBM – Chapter 81

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Chapter 81: “Embellished Wood Bead (2)”

Little Lotus immediately explained to Jun Wu Xie the contractual spirits’ own method of cultivation.

Contractual Spirits live in the Spirit World, at the time of the birth of a human, the contractual spirits will feel a resonance with the human soul and once they’ve answered the call, the contractual spirit would sleep in the human’s soul until the human reaches the age of fourteen. Only upon the awakening ceremony, will they be truly able to appear in this world.

In the Spirit World, the contractual spirit can continue to cultivate their growth there, however after arriving in this world, they can only rely on the human’s cultivation to grow in their cultivation.

When the contractual spirits cross over to this world, their cultivation would be extremely slow.

The Embellished Wood Bead was something that did not harness any power within, however it had a special ability, that was its ability to purify.

In this world where humans live, the environment was polluted hence the contractual spirits were not able to cultivate on their own, only relying on their human counterpart, would they be able to cultivate. The energy they try to absorb from the environment would be mixed with impurities that were hard to be extracted, making it a daunting task.

However, things were different if the Embellished Wood Bead was used! It could especially extract all the pure energy from the polluted surroundings, and this in turn could be easily absorbed by the contractual spirit and directly used for cultivation.

“Purification.” Jun Wu Xie muttered out as she pondered for awhile, looking at that plain looking bead. It didn’t look like much but it’s use was really essential.

Little Lotus’ ‘medicinal’ value was already very beneficial, if he cultivated more, how would he grow and develop? What would happen? However his endurance and physical strength really required a much needed boost.

“It is a treasure!” Little Lotus grinned from ear to ear as he carefully held the bead in his hand.

Although he had experienced such an intense pain just now, it was all well worth it. If he could exchange for a few more treasures, he really didn’t mind more pain in exchange.

“Just keep it safe, I’ll leave it to you how you want to cultivate yourself.” Jun Wu Xie nodded. This Jun Wu Yao was indeed a mysterious person, his approach was very vicious however he could easily toss a treasure like this out so readily, it lead her to wonder what was his origin…

Although she had no prior knowledge to this Spirit World until Little Lotus explained things to her, for Jun Wu Yao to even possess something of this caliber and throwing it so casually to Little Lotus… she really was quite speechless.

If such a person was an enemy, things will be difficult…If friends…

Jun Wu Xie thought of the word friend and Jun Wu Yao. She furrowed at that thought.

This word ‘friend’ only made her think of one person and that person was from her previous world. An image of that person popped up in her mind.

“That idiot.” Jun Wu Xie’s clenched fist trembled. She was originally working as veterinarian in A city, however she was discovered by a mysterious organization. She ended up joining that mysterious organization, saving people’s lives with her veterinarian license.

She vividly remember that day when they were suddenly attacked by a group of people and that idiot had jumped in front of her so suddenly and shielded her from the oncoming assault.

“Your hands and legs are so small, what’s the use of staying here? Quickly, leave…do not linger…” After which that person had on a smile but she was already…

Jun Wu Xie rubbed her brows, she didn’t remember much from her previous world as she had always been a loner, even towards her only family she could bear to be so ruthless. She never had much interactions with others and never placed much importance towards life and death. Only when that person had protected her in exchange for her own life, this was something she could never forget.

The reason she hated the smell of blood was precisely due to that day – that person’s chest was marked by the death god as a crimson red flower bloomed on her chest as the smell of fresh blood overwhelmed her.

“It’s not worth to save someone like me…” Jun Wu Xie muttered, as she looked down and bit her lower lip. If that person had not jumped out to protect her, perhaps that person might still be in that world saving other lives now.

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