GDBBM – Chapter 80

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Chapter 80: “Embellished Wood Bead (1)”

“Come here.” Jun Wu Xie beckoned Little Lotus without a hint of expression on her face.

Little Lotus scurried across quickly.

Jun Wu Xie lifted his fringe to check his forehead. After carefully examining it and when she could not find a trace of any injury did she finally relax as her eyes turned gentle.

“In the future, do not do anything, just let him be.” Jun Wu Xie felt that Jun Wu Yao was not as gentle as he appeared on the surface. No matter if it was that incident with Mo Xuan Fei or the few times that he carried the scent of blood, those were all warning signs.

Jun Wu Yao was strong, much stronger than anyone she has ever met. He was powerful yet mysterious at the same time and he exuded a dangerous aura. She really did not want him to be her opponent now when she was still weak and powerless. As long as he did not provoke her, she will not bother what he does. However if he crossed the line, she would let him know that she was not to be trifled with!

“But….” Little Lotus choked out. Based on his intuition, he could feel that man was extremely dangerous and when he saw that he was very close to his Mistress, he could not help but felt chills run down his back.

Although that man was smiling on the surface, it gave him a chill that was bone deep.

“He will not hurt me.” If he had attempted anything dangerous on her, she would have acted already.

She just couldn’t understand why he had stuck around. He was indeed in a league of his own, even if he was not here in Lin Palace, in this world she didn’t think anyone had much ability to cause him any major harm. Moreover he had repeatedly used the excuse of repaying his gratitude to her. She found it such a joke.

Little black cat was lying on the table silently, swishing it’s long tail as it looked at Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie didn’t have much of a temperament. As long as you didn’t disturb, bother or provoke her and left her alone, she was generally docile and aloof. However if you messed with her, results were unthinkable.

That night, that huge fire in the mountains that devoured everything, who would have thought that the culprit would be such a seemingly harmless and quiet girl? She had burned down everything in that villa, including her only family as well as her nightmare.

Jun Wu Xie was just like that, she was generally amiable and doesn’t care much about what other’s think. However if someone had provoked her, she would put no stop to it until the other party had no way out.

Little black cat was never afraid that she would suffer, because even if she is disadvantaged, she would absolutely not be at the losing end. The opposing party would definitely be in a much worse condition than her.

“Mistress, this bead…can I use it?” Although Little Lotus never knew what was his master thinking of, he could still vaguely sense that she cared about him.

This was the first time that she had shown him concern…

Such a nice feeling…so warm and fuzzy…

“What is it?” Jun Wu Xie couldn’t help but ask as she looked at the dark green bead in his hands.

“Embellished Wooden Bead! This can aid contractual spirits in their cultivation! This is the second time I’ve seen it. I had seen it once in the Spirit World, didn’t think that I could actually find one here as well.” Little Lotus chattered on excitedly, with the appearance of this Embellished Wood Bead, compared to the miserable state he was in prior to this, he seemed to have completely forgotten about it.

One had to know that this simple looking bead was actually a highly sought after treasure that was very precious to aid contractual spirits in their cultivation.

“You can also cultivate?” Jun Wu Xie raised her eyebrows in surprise, she had initially thought that the only way to strengthen contractual spirits was through the person’s cultivation. It seems there was more to it If the contractual spirit could cultivate on their own, wouldn’t that save a lot of time and effort?

She had to give some credit to Jun Wu Yao, at least he compensated something worthy.

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