GDBBM – Chapter 82

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Chapter 82: “Embellished Wood Bead (3)”

With the Embellished Wood Bead, Little Lotus can cultivate on his own here, to help him have a better environment to practice as plant type contractual spirits energy source comes from plants hence Jun Wu Xie had her yard filled with various flowers to help him to nurture.

Little Lotus was holding onto the Embellished Wood Bead as he stepped into the lotus pond. Amidst the beautiful pink lotuses in the pond, was now a pristine white lotus.

That’s why plant type contractual spirits are very easy to nurture! Just plant them anywhere suitable and you’re done!

Little Lotus needed time to cultivate on his own and could not be by Jun Wu Xie’s side every moment now. However Jun Wu Xie did not really care about this point as she patiently took good care of the lotus seed in the lotus basin in her room.

Just within a night, the lotus basin that was full of the Jade Nectar had gone down by half, as the lotus seed that was in there showed signs of germination.

This speed was simply too fast!

Although Jun Wu Xie had accumulated a little spirit energy, the rate of consumption of the Jade Nectar couldn’t keep up. If this continues on, it would take only two more days before the whole jar of Jade Nectar runs out and she would have to go back to the Palace for more.

A knock sounded and Jun Wu Xie turned towards the door and said: “Come in.”

She waited for quite sometime and yet no one came in. Seeing that, she walked to the door and opened it, there was not a person in sight but a beautiful jar was on the floor by the door.

Jun Wu Xie opened the cover of the  jar and a strong intoxicating burst of  fragrance filled the room, masking even the scent of the Jade Nectar.

The fragrance from this jar was much stronger than the Jade Nectar.

“…………………………..” Jun Wu Xie did not have to even bother thinking to know who was it from.

Holding the jar as she left the room, a faint chuckle sounded as Jun Wu Yao smiled, looking at Jun Wu Xie’s back disappearing around the corner.

In the study, Jun Qing was scribbling something and Long Qi stood by his side silently.

As Jun Wu Xie entered the study, Jun Qing’s face lit up.

“Wu Xie.”

“Uncle, this jar of wine is for you.” She put the jar of wine on the table.

“Jade Nectar?” Jun Qing smiled, his darling niece whom received a jar of Jade Nectar from Mo Qian Yuan had Long reached his ears.

“This isn’t it.”

“Am I able to drink wine now? Can my body take it?” Jun Qing did not want to probe any further with regards to the wine.

“A few small cups is fine, this wine’s quality is not bad.” Jun Wu Xie never had any interest towards wines, the Jade Nectar was specially reserved for gardening.

This wine was good but it could not aid her in her ‘gardening’ so it was useless to her.

“That’s nice of you, thanks.” Jun Qing grinned.

Jun Wu Xie nodded back and left the study. Long Qi bowed down respectfully as he watched her leave.

A tall figure was outside the room watching all that happened in the study through the window. He had also caught the act of her gifting his wine away. His handsome smile was overflowing, if he saw her pouring the wine into the lotus basin, he would have been really upset.

That girl did not drink the wine but used it to nurture the lotus seed, how interesting.

If it was used to grow flowers then it didn’t matter anymore.

For the Jade Moon which was a better wine than the Jade Nectar, with regards to her gifting it away, someone wasn’t that upset about it as the words “this wine’s quality is not bad” left a good impression.

Rather than using it to rear flowers, gifting it to someone else means that it’s grade was significantly higher was it not?

Two days later, Jun Wu Xie once again went to the Palace to visit the Crown Prince and returned home with another jar of Jade Nectar.

Crown Prince’s precious Jade Nectar, which even money could not buy, was always given to Jun Wu Xie whenever she visited. Whenever she left the Crown Prince’s residence, she always brought a jar of Jade Nectar home.

When this trend was affirmed, everyone around had already linked the two up as a couple.

As people talked more and various versions kept going around, more and more found this funny. The incident which Mo Qian Yuan had snided Mo Xuan Fei during his birthday banquet was still fresh in Mo Xuan Fei’s mind as he kept brooding over it.

One of the days when Jun Wu Xie was visiting Mo Qian Yuan, Mo Xuan Fei evidently brought Bai Yun Xian over to the Crown Prince’s residence.

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