GDBBM – Chapter 805

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Chapter 805: “The Yan Country’s Crown Prince (2)”

When Jun Wu Xie and her companions came to the doors of the Crown Prince’s Residence, Lei Chen was already standing there. To have a Crown Prince coming all the way out here to welcome his guests was a strong gesture of modesty and humility.

When the group of people sat down for the feast, Lei Chen smiled and said: “For the rare honour of having all of you here, I offer a toast to all of you.” Upon finishing those words, Lei Chen lifted his cup immediately and downed the drink.

After that, he sat right back down and turned to look apologetically at Jun Xie.

“I am thinking the reason little brother Jun is here today should be due to the rumours going around the Capital city right?” Lei Chen was not dumb and knew that Jun Xie and his companions would not come here for no reason.

[The third round of the Spirit Battle Tournament had just concluded today and Jun Xie had faced his opponents forfeiting their matches three times and was suddenly branded a scheming bootlicker of his. For someone with a cold and independent personality like Jun Xie, there was no way he would be happy about it.]

“That’s right.” Jun Wu Xie replied expressionlessly.

Lei Chen smiled bitterly and replied: “I would have to say I have shown a lapse of judgement in this matter. I had initially intended to let little brother Jun have a slightly easier time advancing the ranks but I have brought little brother Jun so much trouble instead.”

Lei Chen had indeed privately approached those disciples who were to fight Jun Xie. He had had his eye on the Zephyr Academy’s Spirit Healer faculty for a long time and had naturally heard quite a lot about the disciples in the Spirit Healer faculty. From the information that he had gathered, disciples in the Spirit Healer faculty were usually not diligent towards their daily cultivation of their spirit powers. They spent a bigger part of their time focusing on refining their Spirit Healing Technique. Although the Zephyr Academy had indeed gone against and exceeded all expectations with their results but Jun Xie had been very young in age and was also a disciple of the Spirit Healer faculty. Moreover, he had also approached several youths who had previously been from the Zephyr Academy and asked them about Jun Xie.

Those people had told him that from the moment that Jun Xie had been admitted into the Zephyr Academy, he had not been seen to have spent any time cultivating his spirit powers but had spent all his time refining and improving the Spirit Healing Technique,and Lei Chen had based on that information assumed that Jun Xie’s spirit powers might just be at a mediocre level.

In the beginning, Lei Chen had not really intended to go approach those people as Jun Xie’s opponent for the first round was a disciple from the Dragon Slayers Academy. He had just humiliated the Dragon Slayers Academy recently and he was thinking even if he went up to them to discuss about it, with the Dragon Slayers Academy’s elite status, they might not pay him any heed.

But unexpectedly, the Dragon Slayers Academy had actually chosen to forfeit on the day of the match itself, and Lei Chen had been pleasantly surprised by the sudden turn of events.

Lei Chen did not know why Lin Qi of the Dragon Slayers Academy would choose to forfeit his match with Jun Xie, but with that as a beginning, it had naturally and logically led him to carry out the subsequent actions. As he had already told Jun Xie and his fellow disciples that he would help them a little, and the Dragon Slayers Academy had coincidentally chosen to give u their chance after that, he did not see a reason why he should not continue on with it.

Hence, he had subsequently gone up to Jun Xie’s opponents for the second and third round and used money and promises in exchange for their forfeiture in the tournament.

Afterall, faced with an opponent from an academy that was currently faring extremely well in the tournament, their chances of emerging victorious was low. And since they were not confident that they would achieve victory, they chose to accept Lei Chen’s offer, which would win them more benefits.

Everything had happened according to how Lei Chen had thought it would. But today, one of the youths had suddenly showed up in the streets badly injured and rumours had immediately swirled all around, dragging Lei Chen into it as well.

“There is no need for that.” Jun Wu Xie said, looking at the apologetic Lei Chen.

Lei Chen however, shook his head. “It was my mistake that had implicated little brother Jun. It is not that I doubt little brother Jun’s powers, but I had just wanted to make my meager contribution in assistance and I would implore that little brother Jun would not hold it against me.”

Jun Wu Xie slowly poured out a cup of wine, and with a twist of her wrist, she pushed it to come right before Lei Chen.


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