GDBBM – Chapter 806

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Chapter 806: “The Yan Country’s Crown Prince (3)”

“Drink it, and you won’t be blamed.” Jun Wu Xie’s slightly cold voice rang out softly.

Lei Chen was startled as he had really not expected Jun Xie to say that, and completely disregarding his position as a prince. But Lei Chen had only been shocked a very brief moment before he smiled and picked up the cup of wine Jun Xie had pushed over to him and downed it quickly, turning the cup over to show that not a drop was left in it.

“I shall hold little brother Jun to your word. Since I have finished the cup of wine, that will mean little brother Jun will not place any blame on me any longer.”

“Naturally.” Jun Wu Xie said, turning her eyes away as a strange tinge grew within them.

After hearing Jun Wu Xie’s words, Lei Chen was finally relieved and his mood improved tremendously. He chatted and drank happily with Jun Xie and his companions and flask after flask of good wine was brought to the table before being quickly all swept up. After three rounds, time flew and it was already late night, as Lei Chen sat tipsy at the table.

Jun Wu Xie and the others had already gotten themselves roaring drunk and many of them were slumped on the table, unconscious.

Lei Chen stood up unsteadily and shook his head to clear the grogginess.

“Guards! Escort our esteemed guests…..” Lei Chen had wanted to send Jun Xie and his companions back to the Immortals’ Loft but after thinking about it a moment, he changed his mind and said: “Arrange guest rooms for them to rest in the West Mansion.”

Although the tipsiness was already getting to his head, but Lei Chen still had not forgotten to grab at any opportunity to win Jun Xie over.

To the Crown Prince at that current moment, the youths from the Zephyr Academy were just too important.

The guards of the Crown Prince’s Residence followed their orders and helped the disciples from the Zephyr Academy to the guest rooms to sleep while Lei Chen, himself succumbing to the effects of alcohol, was helped by the servants to his own chambers to rest.

The Crown Prince’s Residence fell silent. Within the quiet of the night, Jun Wu Xie who should have been in her dreams suddenly opened her eyes. Under the darkness, the slightly chilling pair of eyes were clear and did not look the least bit intoxicated.

Jun Wu Xie sat up in the bed and stepped onto the ground. The little black cat soundlessly leapt up onto her shoulder as Jun Wu Xie pushed open the door, slowly making her way outside.

The West Mansion of the Crown Prince’s Residence was used exclusively for guests who stayed overnight here and in order to not disturb the guests’ rest, the only guards there were those that stood by the entrance.

Within the darkness of the night, in the deathly quiet courtyard, a few figures had suddenly appeared.

“Little Xie’s elixir is really effective. Even after having drunk so much, I am not feeling the effects of the alcohol in the slightest.” Qiao Chu said as he waddled over to Jun Wu Xie. Besides the thick stench of wine coming out from his body, his face looked completely sober as if he had not drunk a single drop of wine.

Hua Yao and the others were already standing around Jun Wu Xie. Earlier before the feast had started, they had all taken the alcohol cancelling elixir that Jun Wu Xie had cultivated and none of them had felt the slightest bit of intoxicating drunkenness from the fine wines that Lei Chen had continually brought to the table. Even if they had continued on for a few more rounds, they would have felt just as awake as they were feeling at that moment.

“The location of Lei Chen’s chambers is clear to everyone?” Fan Zhuo asked as he adjusted his clothes. Having been well immersed in medicines and elixirs over the past long years, Fan Zhuo had not touched a single drop of alcohol. Although he was not drunk after all that drinking tonight, the pungent stench emanating from his body had however still caused him to feel some discomfort.

Jun Wu Xie nodded and she put the little black cat on the ground. The little black cat stretched its body when its paws touched the ground and soon after, its strides pulled wide as it quickly and soundlessly leapt away outside.

The night was at its deepest hour and it was the period when sleepiness struck people the hardest. The two guards at the West Mansion’s entrance were fighting hard to keep themselves awake.


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