GDBBM – Chapter 804

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Chapter 804: “The Yan Country’s Crown Prince (1)”

Lei Chen suppressed the venomous look in his and asked in a gentle voice: “What is the matter?”

“Your Highness! Fan Jin from the Zephyr Academy came here with a message saying that the disciples from the Zephyr Academy would like to pay Your Highness a visit tonight.” The voice of the guard said as it sounded from outside.

Lei Chen’s eyes widened and he immediately replied: “Tell him they are welcome anytime.”

[He still stood a chance!]

“You still have not given up?” Suddenly, a male voice soothing as water rang out from behind the screen at the back of Lei Chen’s seat.

Lei Chen stiffened up instantly and without even turning his head back, he said: “What are you here for? Persuading me to give it up? Why should I give up! ? I am nobody’s puppet, and even more so, not a replacement for anybody! I am just fighting for a way out for myself, what is wrong with that! ?”

The man behind the screen sighed softly, sounding wearily helpless.

Lei Chen instead shed off his usual pretense and gentle demeanor, his hands tightly clenched up into fists upon the table. He did not turn back, did not want to turn back. He knew whose voice that was, knew clearly the man’s purpose in coming here. But what did that matter?

“For so many years, what those people have done, you know it better than me. You know my current situation, are you still going to ask me to give in?” Lei Chen asked through tightly clenched teeth.

The man however went on to say: “I know the pain and suffering in your heart, but I don’t want you to lose yourself in it. The way you are now, has become completely different from who you were in the past.” The man’s voice was tinged with reminiscence and regret, but was filled with a greater dose of helplessness.

Lei Chen laughed bitterly: “Hence, you are here to tell me you despise me now, is that it? Because your disciple has turned to become shameless, lecherous and despicable, so….. You are ashamed of me now. Is that right? Master….. No! I should be addressing you as Grand Adviser shouldn’t I! ?”

Lei Chen stood up suddenly and stared at the screen. Against the dim glow of candlelight, a faint silhouette of a tall, slender and graceful figure could be seen, standing just behind the screen.

“I’m thinking by addressing you as Master, you will feel that I have dirtied your ears! Since you do not wish to see me having fallen to such a disgraceful and depraved state, you shouldn’t have troubled yourself to come all this way to the Crown Prince’s Residence! I would implore our revered Grand Adviser to just walk around in your own palace if you are so leisurely as my Crown Prince’s Residence isn’t able to adequately accommodate your esteemed self.” Lei Chen’s voice was filled with undisguised sarcasm, his tone one of hatred. His handsome looking face not showing the slightest gentleness or modest amicability.

“Lei Chen, why do you insist on doing this to yourself?” The man behind the screen sighed in grief, completely unaffected by Lei Chen’s sarcasm and ridicule.

Lei Chen did not concern himself with the man’s repeated instances of tolerance and forgiveness. He turned around abruptly and walked towards the doors of the study.

“The youths from the Zephyr Academy would be coming here tonight, I’m sure the Grand Adviser must have heard about them. Sixteen and seventeen year old blue spirits! Just how powerful is that! They are now friendly with me and with their help, I might just not lose! They are now the most important guests to me and if the Grand Adviser had no more business with me, I would like to request that you leave quickly. I would not wish for my guests to see you at the Crown Prince’s Residence.” Right after saying those words, Lei Chen strode out of the study.

The man who had remained behind the screen throughout let out a helpless sigh and his figure quickly disappeared from within the study, as soundlessly and as unnoticed from when he had come.

That very night, Lei Chen laid out a feast in the Crown Prince’s Residence to await the arrival of Jun Wu Xie and her companions. This was the first time that Jun Wu Xie and the others had initiated the invitation and that had made Lei Chen extremely happy.

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