GDBBM – Chapter 79

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Chapter 79: “Don’t bother me (3)”

Jun Wu Yao helplessly got up as he looked dejectedly at the Jun Wu Xie who was avoiding him. He touched his neck as the red blood trail flowed into his hand, he didn’t seem bothered a single bit by it.

“It seems it’s my fault again, letting you smell this detested smell, I’ll leave first.” He smiled wryly as he let out a soft sigh, turning around, leaving the room immediately after.

After coming out of her room, his smile faded as his fingers touched the his throat as a faint black light glowed and all four needles flew out of his throat and fell onto his hands.

“My Lord!” A shadow flashed by and a silhouette of a man dropped on one knee as he appeared by Jun Wu Yao’s side.

“You’re hurt!” There was a blood scent and the shadow was surprised that the source was from his Lord.

In such a place, someone could actually injure his esteemed Lord?

“Hurt? This counts as being hurt?” He looked at the four needles on his blood stained hands. His eyes no longer had any hint of black in them as a deep purple colour surfaced.

But this was the girl’s small ‘teethmarks’, so he didn’t really mind it.

“Have you found the person I’ve asked for?” Jun Wu Yao asked coldly.

“Everything has been prepared.”

“Ah, that group of old geezers ,  want to trap me in there? They really know how to dream. I will make sure to repay them properly for that day.” His lips curled upwards as he looked at the needles in his hand. There was a glint in his eyes.

He had never experienced any rejection from her nor had she put up a fight before, however today he had finally seen a different expression on her usually cold and expressionless face. That look in her eyes was priceless, more precious any gems in this world.

He really wanted those eyes…However, if they left her, they would lose its beauty. Those eyes were really meant for her, they suited her perfectly and only she could draw out its beauty.

“How can those fools deserve to be your rivals?” The shadow whispered, his voice was full of admiration and worship.

“Let them gloat and enjoy for a while longer, when I crush them, It’ll be more interesting that way.” The higher they climb, the harder they fall…Jun Wu Yao narrowed his cold eyes.

“Yes!” The shadow answered fervently.

“This time, I’ll stay here, If you have any message just send it here directly.” Jun Wu Yao ordered.

“This subordinate obeys!”

“Oh yes, one more thing.” Jun Wu Yao suddenly thought of something.

Tomorrow go back and retrieve a jar of Jade Moon.

The shadow was surprised for a moment, although he did not know why his lord had requested for the wine, he quickly answered “Yes!”

“Jade Nectar…was it?” Jun Wu Yao narrowed his eyes as his murderous intent filled his surrounding. He did not mind going into the Palace to make that meddling Crown Prince disappear for good.

The shadow was just kneeling quietly at the side, he did not dare to reflect the meaning behind those words, he knew he only needed to do what he was told.

After making a few more arrangements, Jun Wu Yao no longer stayed around. The shadow faded into darkness and completely disappeared.

In Jun Wu Xie’s room, she was frowning as she washed and scrubbed her hands over and over again – only after ascertaining that there was no longer any trace of blood scent on them did she walk over to the table.

Little Lotus stood there in silence as he stared at the dark green bead. Fiddling it between his fingers as he held it towards the moon and looked at it.

“Does it still hurt?” Jun Wu Xie asked Little Lotus monotonously.

Little Lotus was slightly surprised for a moment as he raised his head and rubbed his little forehead, “It doesn’t hurt anymore.” His rosy face wore a sweet smile. Earlier when Jun Wu Yao had retracted back the black object, all the pain instantly disappeared, without feeling the slightest discomfort, Little Lotus began to doubt himself if he had really just been hurt by a human.


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