GDBBM – Chapter 798

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Chapter 798 : “Zephyr Rises Once More (7)”

Despite his surprise, Lei Chen still had the presence of mind to act sensibly. He had not made a big show of inviting Jun Wu Xie and her companions to the Crown Prince’s Residence with drums and trumpets, but had just ordered a table full of dishes to be prepared right there at the Immortals’ Loft.

Qiao Chu and the others had gone back to their rooms to wash up while Lei Chen was seated at the table in the hall on the second level, and seated with him at the same table, was Jun Wu Xie!

Lei Chen took the chance to chat with Jun Wu Xie a little. Although he was thinking of recruiting the blue spirits, he wasn’t going to let go of the one who was proficient in the Spirit Healing Technique as well.

“Is little brother Jun’s match tomorrow?” Lei Chen asked with a smile.

Jun Wu Xie nodded, although her expression was still cold and distant, but compared to her complete disregard of him previously, Lei Chen was already very surprised that she had even acknowledged his query.

“I heard that….. Your opponent tomorrow is Lin Qi from the Dragon Slayers Academy? Lin Qi might not be holding a high rank in the Dragon Slayers Academy but he is still not to be taken lightly. Little brother Jun, please be a little more careful. The Dragon Slayers Academy and the Zephyr Academy have been competing to outshine each other for a long time and their disciples do not see eye to eye. I hope that little brother Jun would pay extra attention tomorrow and not get hurt.” Lei Chen’s face looking concerned as he looked at Jun Xie, looking extremely worried as he spoke.

Just as Lei Chen finished his words, Qiao Chu and the others were already changed as they walked into the hall.

“Little Xie’s opponent tomorrow is from the Dragon Slayers Academy?” Qiao Chu asked, pulling a chair out to sit down, his eyes looking rather amused as he looked at Jun Wu Xie.

Although….. They not no longer held much expectations for their opponents from the Lower Realm, but the Dragon Slayers Academy was afterall still one of the elite academies and their disciples should be a little more powerful. At the very least….. they wouldn’t be defeated with a single move in a second….. right?

Truth be told, in this Spirit Battle Tournament, their battles had been….. really boring. Especially for Qiao Chu, he was never a person to be able to hold himself back by nature. Yan Bu Gui had previously strictly forbade them to fight others back then and after so long, when he finally had a completely legitimate reason to beat others up, he found that his opponents were weaker than chicks that wouldn’t even survive a single strike, he had been sorely disappointed. That surging and raging adrenaline rush had died and settled into still placid calm of a mirror lake, without even a single ripple on its surface.

When Lei Chen saw Qiao Chu and the other sitting down, the sparkle in his eyes grew brighter. He felt that he had touched on a rather interesting topic this time.

Thinking that Qiao Chu was being worried about Jun Xie’s safety, Lei Chen smiled and said: “It’s someone from the Dragon Slayers Academy indeed. But I know some people in the Dragon Slayers Academy and with little brother Jun being the youngest contestant in the entire tournament, but having to battle an opponent like that in the first round seems rather inappropriate. I will go speak with the people from the Dragon Slayers Academy and ask them to not make the battle tomorrow too intense.”

“Even if they wanted it to be intense….. it would be impossible.” Qiao Chu mumbled softly to himself. Although Jun Wu Xie’s spirit power level was a level lower than them, but to torment that bunch from the Dragon Slayers Academy, it would not pose her any difficulty. Even if not within a second, that guy from the Dragon Slayers Academy would not last three rounds.

“What was that?” Lei Chen asked, not having heard Qiao Chu clearly.

“Nothing! Nothing!” Qiao Chu said, waving his hands hurriedly.

The waiter from the Immortals’ Loft served the dishes of fragrant and fine food onto the table. Lei Chen chatted and joked with them over food and drinks, consciously and subconsciously drawing himself nearing to the companions. Even the ever silent Jun Xie had spoken a couple of sentences to him and that made Lei Chen secretly glad, feeling more confident than ever that he would be able to win Jun Xie and his companions over.

They had a good time and everyone drank a little more than they should. Lei Chen secretly glanced at Jun Xie who was already slumped over the table drunk and joy suddenly shone in his eyes.

It was already in the wee hours of the night that the slightly tipsy Lei Chen was helped into the carriage by his guards to leave the Immortals’ Loft.

Meanwhile in the Immortals’ Loft, Jun Wu Xie took out a elixir that countered drunkenness and swallowed it. The tipsiness in her mind then gradually began to dissipate till not a trace remained.


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