GDBBM – Chapter 797

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Chapter 797 : “Zephyr Rises Once More (6)”

Fan Jin had been about to nod his head but he quickly changed his mind and shook his head instead: “They had just gotten back earlier and those people immediately surrounded them the entire time. I am guessing they had not had the chance to go to their rooms yet.”

Lei Chen laughed. “If they have not gone in to rest, I would like to take the opportunity to treat all of you at the Zephyr Academy to have dinner together. Would that be alright?”

“If that’s the case….. I’ll go check first.” Although Fan Jin knew that Jun Wu Xie and her companions held some other motives towards Lei Chen, but he did not know what Jun Wu Xie and the others were intending to do, so he did not dare to decide on their behalf.

Lei Chen nodded his head and Fan Jin immediately went up to the second level to ask Jun Wu Xie and the others for their opinion.

Lei Chen looked at Fan Jin’s back as he left, the smile on his face gradually fading away.

He had really not expected the Zephyr Academy to still possess such talented individuals. He had come to the Immortals’ Loft previously only because of Jun Xie alone. But Jun Xie had once and again been coldly indifferent and he had not given Lei Chen much of a chance to recruit him. He had actually intended to have Jun Xie suffer a bit first during the Spirit Battle Tournament so as to make her realise what kind of advantages he as the Crown Prince would be able to bring her.

But he had not thought…..

That the other five participants from the Zephyr Academy would hold such overwhelming power!

Five blue spirits, it was just too unbelievable!

From another perspective, those five individuals were already just as valuable as Jun Xie now. Although the Spirit Healing Technique was important, but the potential to breakthrough to the Purple Spirit level was just as rare a treasure! And the Zephyr Academy had suddenly thrown five of them into the tournament!

Lei Chen was feeling highly thankful that he had initially chosen to try to get close to the Zephyr Academy because of Jun Xie. From the way things look now, he felt that it would have made it easier for him to recruit the other five over to him.

But there were some things Lei Chen did not fully understand. According to the data he received on the youths, the other four people were promoted from the Zephyr Academy’s branch division’s selections while the fifth one was Fan Jin’s younger brother. No matter how he looked at it, all of them did not seem like they would be capable of attaining the blue spirit level, but the facts had proven otherwise.

“Is the Zephyr Academy holding an unspeakable secret within their premises?” Lei Chen asked himself as he narrowed his eyes. From the few times that he had communicated with Fan Jin, he did not seem like someone who would be scheming. In some ways, it was rather obvious that Fan Jin was still rather unfamiliar with his newly acquired position as Headmaster. Lei Chen had in the beginning wanted nothing to do with the Zephyr Academy who had fallen into decline, and except for the Spirit Healer faculty, the Zephyr Academy did not hold any value that was worth his attention or interest.

But now, he had changed his opinion of them.

When Fan Jin came up to the second level, he saw Jun Wu Xie and the others sipping at tea around the table. He was just about to open his mouth to ask when Jun Wu Xie said: “Tell Lei Chen, we agree to have dinner with him.”

When Lei Chen had entered the Immortals’ Loft, they had all seen the horse carriage belonging to the Crown Prince’s Residence from the window on the second level.

The speed that Lei Chen had come, was a little quicker than what Jun Wu Xie had expected.

Fan Jin was taken aback and he hesitated before he asked: “You sure?” Although he wasn’t as intelligent as Fan Zhuo, but he had at least begun to guess at the underlying motives of people’s actions. The meaning behind the fact that Lei Chen had extended a private invitation to them was not lost on him, and it was impossible that Jun Wu Xie was not aware of it.

By accepting Lei Chen’s invitation, didn’t that mean…..

Jun Wu Xie nodded. “Avoid unnecessary trouble.”

The companions had not come here to fame and fortune. With too many people coming and going in the Immortals’ Loft, it would not be good news for any of them.

Fan Jin thought about it a moment before he turned and went downstairs, bringing to Lei Chen, Jun Wu Xie’s words.

The fact that the reply had come so quickly surprised Lei Chen greatly. He had not been oblivious to the fact that the people from the Zephyr Academy had not been warm with their reception towards him. He had actually prepared himself to be rejected this time as well, and had not thought…..

That he would receive such a pleasant surprise!

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