GDBBM – Chapter 799

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Chapter 799 : “Zephyr Rises Once More (8)”

The Zephyr Academy had in just the first day of the Spirit Battle Tournament gained unparalleled fame! They had immediately attracted everyone’s attention. They had only just fallen from their position high up in the clouds and everyone had all despised them, but on the very first day that the Spirit Battle Tournament had begun, they had dealt a hard slap across everyone’s faces!

As the first round of the tournament had yet to finish, Hua Yao and the others had some free time on their hands the next day. Before the second round of the tournament began, they were allowed to use the free time however they wished.

The next day, it was the day that Jun Wu Xie was supposed to fight. However, some unexpected situations had cropped up in the first district’s battle arena.

Normally, the matches in the first round would complete in two days. But something unexpected had occurred in the first district. It was not known whether the problem lay with the drawing of lots but many of the youths had drawn opponents who held similar levels of power to themselves and what could have been short matches prolonged into time consuming drawn out battles. Only twelve matches were completed on the first day and that caused Jun Wu Xie who held a number near the back of the queue to see that they would basically not have a chance to have their match on the second day as well.

Since it would not be her turn anytime soon, and Jun Wu Xie had no interest in roaming the city, she had actually intended to spend the day in the Immortals’ Loft to cultivate elixirs, but unexpectedly, Lei Chen had once again extended another invitation to the members of the Zephyr Academy. It wasn’t for a meal this time, but to go sightseeing at the lake.

After the dinner last night, Lei Chen had finally felt that Jun Xie had “softened” his stance against him. Seeing that the others in the Zephyr Academy had at least been polite to him, he continued to try to pull their relationship closer, determined to secure the targets before people from the other powers showed their hands.

Jun Wu Xie would naturally not reject Lei Chen for having “delivered the goods” to them, so she went with Qiao Chu and the others to honour the invitation.

Very soon, a piece of news spread very quickly in the Imperial Capital. The youths from the Zephyr Academy who had just suddenly surged to fame had now all been roped in under the Crown Prince, Lei Chen’s banner.

Once news of that spread, all those people from the different powers who had been furiously eyeing the Zephyr Academy were suddenly deflated and mortified. It did not matter how powerful or mighty the powers they served might be, no one would dare to stand on the Yan Country’s soil and fight for talents with the Yan Country’s Crown Prince!

All of a sudden, the people gathered around the Immortals’ Loft dispersed gradually, and the exhausted Fan Jin who was getting too tired to deal with them finally heaved a sigh of relief.

By the time Jun Wu Xie and the others returned from their sightseeing trip, there was no one lurking around the doors of the Immortals’ Loft anymore.

“It looks like it is taking effect.” Fan Zhuo said smilingly as he surveyed the surroundings outside the Immortals’ Loft restored back to its welcomed bare and empty state. They had found all those people highly bothersome and since Lei Chen had come knocking offering himself to resolve their headache, they were all highly appreciative of his “thoughtfulness”.

“Pffft….. I am rather curious if Lei Chen knew the real reasons why Little Xie was finally willing to respond to him were because she wanted to use him to stop those people from harassing us and for us to get map from him, how would he react?” Qiao Chu could not help but snigger when he remembered just how caring Lei Chen had been towards Jun Wu Xie, and just how warm and cordial his smile had been to them throughout the sightseeing trip, suddenly finding it ridiculously funny.

Even for someone as insensitive as him, Qiao Chu had been able to see that Lei Chen had initially only shown interest towards Jun Wu Xie alone but had now suddenly “seen all of them in a new light”,  and it was all just because of how they had performed in the Spirit Battle Tournament.

Lei Chen had not really been that obvious in his actions, and if it had been anyone else, those people might have been so overcome with joy from having been shown such favour from the Crown Prince that everything else would be overlooked. However, among all the companions, not a single one among them thought very much of Lei Chen’s title as the Crown Prince.

Just when Lei Chen was thinking that he had everything under control, little did he know that he was completely caught in one of Jun Wu Xie’s schemes.

Qiao Chu was thinking just how amusing it was to watch how people who thought so highly of themselves could be kept in the dark so completely, not realizing it in the slightest!

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