GDBBM – Chapter 78

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Chapter 78: “Don’t bother me (2)”

Jun Wu Yao was surprised with her sudden actions, his cold eyes faded away, he did not seem to bother about those needles as he tried to hold back his muffled laughter. This girl was too interesting, she exposed her fangs just like that!

Jun Wu Xie placed those needles at several points. Although she wouldn’t kill him, she also wouldn’t let him off so easily!

Jun Wu Yao lowered his body and leaned into the needles as they pierced through his skin and into his throat as bright red blood flowed out, dying her hands red. Despite this all, her eyes had not a single trace of panic in them.

“It was my fault, I should not have disturbed you, how do you want to punish me? I’ll leave it all up to you.” Although all four needles had pierced his throat and crimson blood was flowing out, he still gave her a meek smile with a pleading expression.

“Put it back.” She retorted coldly.

Jun Wu Yao sighed as he placed the jug of wine back on the table.

“Wu Xie, I was wrong, if you like, you can keep this garbage temporarily to play with, but remember you cannot drink it, the alcohol content is very strong and it will hurt your throat, I’ll find a good one and bring it for you tomorrow.” He softly said as he tried to cajole the angry her, completely disregarding the wound on the throat.

“I don’t want anything.” She snuffed.

Jun Wu Yao did not force it any further as he saw that she was still upset. He raised his hand and hooked his finger as the black object that hit Little Lotus’s forehead flew back to his hands.

“I was only joking, I didn’t really mean to hurt him. He’s your contractual spirit, how can I bear to kill him?” He tried to appease her as he gave her a charming smile.

Little Lotus slowly stood up groggily, that flick to the forehead was so painful he felt as if his soul would shatter anytime! This was the first time he had experienced such pain, generally injuries inflicted by humans only exhausted their spiritual energy, they can’t feel any pain from attacks by humans however this time the pain was so intense!

He looked at Jun Wu Yao with a lingering fear, this mysterious man was too terrible!

“You, come here.” Jun Wu Yao hooked his fingers and beckoned Little Lotus over.

Little Lotus was shocked as he stood there petrified.

“I only teased you for a bit, no need to be so afraid, here, this is for you, take it as compensation.” Jun Wu Yao tossed a dark green bead over as the quivering Little Lotus caught it.

Jun Wu Yao looked at Jun Wu Xie gently.

“Now, are you still angry?”

“You’re annoying.” Jun Wu Xie glared back.

“Your words are so hurtful.” Jun Wu Yao responded in a distressed tone with a slight frown.

“If you like to get hurt, I have here one hundred and eight needles.” She looked at him icily.

Jun Wu Yao chuckled as he pulled her hands to his lips and kissed it. “If it makes you happy, even if its ten times of that, I’m willing.”

Jun Wu Xie frowned at his comments, she had seen her fair share of desperate people however one that was such a masochist was her first time.

“I’ll be happy as long as you do not bother me.” She retorted. If he dared to touch her contractual spirit and her Jade Nectar ever again, she would be more than willing to use those hundred and eight needles!

“I won’t bother you but I cannot bear to leave your side.” He said with a weak smile.

She glared at him and didn’t say anything further as she stood up.

This time, he did not dare to restrain her as he released her.

“You reek of blood. You can go now.” Jun Wu Xie frowned at his blood stained hands as well as the strong stench of fresh blood that now filled the room. With the fresh blood mixed in with the wine and lotus fragrance, it made her very uncomfortable. She needed to wash up and get rid of this horrid smell assaulting her nose now!


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