GDBBM – Chapter 781

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Chapter 781: “Banquet (8)”

Staring the at youths closing in on her, Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed and her spirit powers gradually gathered in her palm.

When that intensely green spirit power glow that enveloped Jun Wu Xie’s entire palm began to coalesce, the smiles on the faces of all the youths who had tightly surrounded her suddenly turned to ice…..

Their eyes opened incredibly wide as they stared incredulously at the blinding green glow, suddenly thinking whether their eyes were seeing things!

The little brat looked every inch to be only fourteen or fifteen and they had thought he would at best be at the peak of a red spirit, and that was why they had so confidently come to pick a fight with him. However, when that unbelievable green spirit light appeared before their eyes, their minds suddenly shut down like they had just encountered a ghost.

[Green spirit!] [Holy Heavens, it’s a green spirit!]

All the youths who had come to stir up trouble with Jun Wu Xie suddenly found their jaws dropping onto the floor.

[A fourteen year old green spirit! !] [Utterly impossible!]

Even for one of the top elite academies like the Dragon Slayers Academy, they had never ever seen a fourteen year old green spirit before. They were all about seventeen to eighteen themselves and the strongest one among them was only an orange spirit. Even the mightiest disciple in their entire academy was but a yellow spirit and his achievement was already considered to be one of a rare prodigy.


This little brat who barely reached their shoulders here, looking so incredibly frail and weak, was actually a green spirit! !

In a blink, the youths could not find it within themselves to laugh anymore. Their smiles remained frozen and stiff upon their faces, looking like they had been turned to stone, their eyes filled in paralysing shock!

Jun Wu Xie’s cold gaze scanned the faces of the stiffened youths, her eyes narrowing chillingly.

“Tired of living?” Her red lips parted, the voice she spat out sending chills up the spines of the youths.

The heads of the youths sunk lower into their shoulders, as they fought to remain some semblance of composure. But in the face of the slowly spreading green spirit glow, they found that their legs were turning into jelly!

[Was this a dream?] [Fourteen and a green spirit…..] [It could only be a dream!]

The mouths of the youths developed a twitch as they slowly retreated step by step. They could already feel the oppression from the overwhelming power from the spreading green spirit glow. Although there were five of them, but their strongest was merely an orange spirit and green was two whole levels above them!

Their numbers did not make a difference. Even if they had two times that number, they would still be completely overwhelmed!

Jun Wu Xie’s chilling gaze swept over the group of pale faced youths and she said in an icy tone: “If you seek to live, scram.”

All the youths did not dare say another word. They howled in terror as they turned and ran desperately for their lives, running away from a terrifying demon that had crawled out from the fiery depths of Hell!

However gifted one was, to attain the green spirit, one was usually at least already in his thirties. And that kind of gift was already extremely rare to see. When Jun Wu Xie had revealed her green spirit with her fourteen year old face, that had not just been frightening. It had completely smashed their entire perception of the world!

Lei Yuan who had been hidden in the shadows anticipating a good show suddenly saw the Dragon Slayers Academy’s disciples running out as if fearing for their lives. He found the situation extremely strange. Those youths had completely surrounded Jun Xie just moments ago and he had not been able to see Jun Xie’s reaction. And just as he was thinking that the disciples from the Dragon Slayers Academy were about to strike, they had suddenly turned tail and fled!

[Just like that! ?]

“What’s going on? Why did they run away?” Lei Yuan stared after the terrified backs of the escaping disciples, the expression on his face all confused, while the attendant beside him suddenly began to tremble.

“Se….. Second Prince….. Second Prince, loo…..  loo…..”


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