GDBBM – Chapter 782

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Chapter 782: “Banquet (9)”

Lei Yuan admonished impatiently: “You can’t talk? Stop the stammering!”

“Look….. Quick….. Look…..” The attendant’s voice trembled even more.

Lei Yuan clicked his tongue and turned, casting an impatient glance to look into the garden.

And just that one glance caused his jaw to drop, suddenly unable to shut his mouth!

Under the silvery rays of the moon, the small sized young youth stood alone in the garden, the figure covered in a bright green spirit glow. That intense shade of emerald green was undeniable proof that the green spirit was already at its peak, as the brilliant spirit glow slowly dispersed, in tandem with the careless nonchalance from Lei Yuan’s heart.

“Green….. green spirit…..” Lei Yuan’s eyes were wide as saucers as he stared in incredulous disbelief at the frail and weak looking little youth. He rubbed at his eyes subconsciously to make sure his eyes were not playing tricks on him.

“Fourteen year old….. green spirit….. and….. peaking…..” Lei Yuan was dumbfounded. Not even in his dreams would he have expected to see, a disciple from an academy falling in decline, display such an astoundingly unbelievable amount of power…..

At such an age, with such a spirit power level….. It went far beyond any boundaries that no one had ever heard of before! !

[Is this kid even human?]

At that moment, Lei Yuan had a very strong reason to believe, that the youth was some powerful exponent in disguise!

If not, the kid’s power was just too heaven defying!

Not just in the Zephyr Academy, even if you searched through the other two top academies or the other hundreds of academies, you would not be able to find another disciple that was like that!

With that, there was no longer a show for him to watch and he had even shocked himself terribly. Lei Yuan was suddenly glad that he had not shown good face earlier or the one embarrassed now would be him instead. “No wonder my Royal Brother showed the kid such special treatment. So he already knew!” Lei Yuan said through gritted teeth, cursing and swearing vehemently at Lei Chen in his mind. He had been wondering why Lei Chen would do something that gained him no good, and it had turned out that his Royal Brother had discovered the undeniable value in Jun Xie, hence, he had been using such an endearing form of address calling the kid “little brother Jun” in front of everyone else. He suddenly realised why Jun Xie had not shown much enthusiasm in responding to Lei Chen’s show of favoritism. With the kid’s abilities, he did not need to fawn and grovel before anybody. Based on the speed his spirit power cultivation was progressing at, the Purple Spirit would not be far off!

And Lei Yuan had initially rejoiced at the fact that Lei Chen had publicly humiliated the Dragon Slayers Academy, giving him the opportunity to get close to them. But based on the situation that he just saw, he had gotten the short end of the stick. No matter how elite the disciples of the Dragon Slayers Academy were, they could not hold a candle to a youth who held the potential to breakthrough to the Purple Spirit.

Lei Yuan’s mind began to whirl. He could see that Jun Xie had not been completely receptive to Lei Chen’s overtures. Would that come to mean that Jun Xie did not really like Lei Chen much? Would that also mean that he might stand a chance as well?

When that thought came into his mind, Lei Yuan’s heart soared. Unwilling to give up just like that, he immediately tugged at his clothes to straighten them as much as he could, and carefully adjusted the expression on his face before walking out into the garden.

Jun Wu Xie had just managed to shoo off a bunch of unruly kids who didn’t know their place and now, she was suddenly confronted by a “human ball” who was currently “rolling” towards her.

“Is our little brother here alright? I saw people from the Dragon Slayers Academy coming towards here earlier and was worried that they might have been disrespectful to you. They didn’t do anything did they?” A complete change from the utter contempt he had shown Jun Wu Xie earlier at the banquet, Lei Yuan came near with a big wide smile on his face, coming to a stop before Jun Wu Xie. He was determined to put forth an image of politeness and grace, but with his pudgy and rotund body, his entire being jiggled when he gave out an uneasy laugh, becoming the complete opposite of what he was trying to portray.

Jun Wu Xie frowned slightly, as she looked at Lei Yuan who was really so obese he was almost practically a round ball.

If she remembered correctly, the ball before her at that moment, should be the Yan Country’s Second Prince. Earlier at the banquet, he had shown nothing but contempt for the Zephyr Academy, so why had changed so abruptly now?


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