GDBBM – Chapter 780

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Chapter 780: “Banquet (7)”

Lei Yuan retorted: “Afraid? Father’s health is getting worse by the day while my third brother is completely useless and fourth brother is on very good terms with my elder brother. If I do not put up a fight while my father is still around, I wouldn’t stand the slightest chance in the future!”

The reason why the this year’s Spirit Battle Tournament was fully delegated onto Lei Chen to organize was for two reasons. One was that the Emperor wanted Lei Chen to learn the ropes, and the second was because of the Yan Country’s Emperor ailing health which was deteriorating by the day. A large bunch of Imperial Physicians were now all huddled within the palace to treat the Emperor’s ailments. The Yan Country looked to be peaceful on the surface but problems were beginning to show internally.

“Don’t think that I am not aware of it. I know that my Royal Elder Brother has his eye on the girl from the War Banner Academy who goes by the name of Qu Ling Yue, and that lass is the daughter of the Grand Chieftain of the Thousand Beast City. My Royal Elder Brother intends to marry that lass in order for him to win over the Grand Chieftain of the Thousand Beast City, do you think I did not notice it? Everybody says he has a friendly and amicable personality but that is all just bull.” Lei Yuan disliked Lei Chen from the bottom of his heart and to outsiders, Lei Chen might be a extremely ideal heir to the throne, but to Lei Yuan who had grown up together with Lei Chen, he had seen Lei Chen for the kind of person he really was. If by the time Lei Chen ascended the throne and Lei Yuan still had not gained the might to protect himself, the lone option that would presented to him at that time would only be death.

For self preservation, and to take a final all out gamble, Lei Yuan went out of his way to grasp at this one opportunity to try to win over the people from the Dragon Slayers Academy.

“If the Crown Prince already has such plans in mind, then all the more reason we should suspect that he has an ulterior motive in the extraordinary care he is showing the Zephyr Academy. Not too long ago, wasn’t there a rumour that the honourary Headmaster of the Zephyr Academy, Wen Xin Han, had successfully broken through to the purple spirit?” The attendant said quickly.

Lei Yuan narrowed his eyes and his mouth curled up into a sneer.

“Even if he want to wins over the Zephyr Academy, he must first see whether he would have the chance to do that! That honourary Headmaster, Wen Xin Han, of the Zephyr Academy is indeed an impressive figure, but according to my knowledge, Wen Xin Han is on very familiar terms with our Yan Country’s Grand Adviser. Do you really think that Wen Xin Han, who is on such close terms with our Grand Adviser, Wen Yu, would be taken in by my Royal Elder Brother’s schemes?”

The attendant was suddenly taken aback: “His Highness, the Crown Prince isn’t on good terms with the Grand Adviser?”

Lei Yuan bit on his lip, realising he had spoken too quickly and too much. He glared at the attendant and said: “Why are you asking so much? People who know too much usually do not live long.”

The attendant’s face turned pale and immediately zipped his mouth.

Lei Yuan had no interest in the Zephyr Academy in the slightest and it was instead the Dragon Slayers Academy whom he had put down in his list. So, he did not have the slightest intention in standing up for Jun Xie at that moment, but instead, was highly anticipating for the disciples of the Dragon Slayers to quickly make their move. And when this matter blew up, that would be the result that he wanted to see.

If Lei Chen did not pursue the matter, it would then no longer matter for what reason he was trying to win over the Zephyr Academy as he would be doomed to failure. And if he were to admonish the Dragon Slayers Academy over the incident, that would be as good as him being on opposing sides with the Dragon Slayers Academy, making it a whole lot easier for Lei Yuan to win the Dragon Slayers Academy over to his side.

Highly excited, Lei Yuan looked on at the situation in the garden, his eyes smiling in glee. He wished fervently that the disciples of the Dragon Slayers Academy would strike down and kill the little kid from the Zephyr Academy right where he was standing and the incident would undoubtedly be blown up into epic proportions.

The disciples of the Dragon Slayers Academy were throwing an endless stream of sarcastic remarks and insults upon Jun Xie but they could not get a single reaction out of him. Finding themselves being completely ignored and disregarded, it got them burning hot under the collar. When they looked at the cold and tiny expressionless face, they even began to feel incredibly slighted. They then tightened the ring they had surrounded the little brat in, fully prepared to teach the dumb and mute little youth a lesson he would never forget.


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