GDBBM – Chapter 779

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Chapter 779: “Banquet (6)”

If Lei Chen had only plainly showed the Zephyr Academy polite concern, it would not have been a big issue. But Lei Chen had first sent his guards to inform the Dragon Slayers Academy but the Zephyr Academy had unashamedly cut in and invited him over instead. Although the Dragon Slayers Academy did not really place that much importance on gaining Lei Chen’s favour, but having been slapped publicly like that was not something they were prepared to take lying down.

They did not mind who Lei Chen chose to be friendly with, but if they were humiliated by others, they made sure they seeked recompense.

Before the Spirit Battle Tournament began, all forms of fighting were prohibited, so they were not able to make any moves against the disciples from the Zephyr Academy during the banquet. But since this little brat had run out here all alone, and to a place so completely devoid of people, then the brat could only blame himself for presenting them with such an irresistible opportunity!

Several of the disciples from the Dragon Slayers Academy surrounded Jun Wu Xie, sinister smiles on their faces.

“Hey kid, running out here all alone under the darkness wasn’t a really wise move.” One of the youths said, cracking his knuckles.

Jun Wu Xie looked icily at the youths surrounding her, her face expressionless.

Coming in at the far corner of the garden, Lei Yuan was running huffing and puffing and when he saw Jun Xie being surrounded, he stopped in his tracks, just standing there in his spot, a smile coming onto his face as he waited in anticipation for the show to begin.

“Second Prince, are we really not going to interfere?” The personal attendant that had followed Lei Yuan here asked worriedly as he looked at Jun Xie in the garden.

Lei Yuan waved his hand dismissively and said: “Why interfere? The Zephyr Academy is already in dire straits. We should just sit back and enjoy the show. Moreover, this incident is caused by my Royal Brother carelessness when he chose to snub the Dragon Slayers Academy and instead went to the fallen Zephyr Academy. I really can’t understand what he was thinking. There is nothing of worth in the Zephyr Academy anymore.”

The attendant opened his mouth, but did not say anything, and only looked at Lei Yuan.

Lei Yuan was only half a year apart from Lei Chen in age and his mother was the Imperial Consort then. The time of their births and the statuses of their mothers differed very slightly, but Lei Yuan was born not as lucky, being just a notch lower in both aspects.  Lei Yuan had been holding a grudge against Lei Chen for a very long time but Lei Chen had been very discretionary in all his deeds all this time and he had not given Lei Yuan the opportunity to have any excuses to use against him. And when their father, the Emperor had delegated the entire task of organising this year’s Spirit Battle Tournament to Lei Chen, that had caused Lei Yuan to become more nervous.

Which Prince wouldn’t yearn for that seat at the pinnacle of power? Lei Yuan was respectful and deferential before Lei Chen on the surface, but he had other plans kept deep in his heart. The incident where Lei Chen had abandoned the Dragon Slayers Academy yesterday had been  investigated by Lei Yuan. Immediately after Lei Chen had just stepped out to go to the Immortals’ Loft that the people from the Zephyr Academy were staying at, Lei Yuan had followed right after to go pay a visit to the Dragon Slayers Academy. Although the three top academies did not belong to any particular country, but every one of them always had highly gifted disciples in them. Those disciples would only need a little bit more polishing and they would be able to shine, serving their masters.

“My Royal Brother graduated from the War Banner Academy and his relationship with them is self evident. I was afraid that he would use his position as the organiser of this year’s tournament to win over the Dragon Slayers Academy but he had unexpectedly been so dumb as to disregard the Dragon Slayers Academy and gone to the Zephyr Academy instead. If I do not grab this once in a lifetime opportunity now, would I be able to still survive in future?” Lei Yuan said with a sinister smile on his face. The Zephyr is over and done, the Dragon Slayers independent. If he managed to win them over, he would still be able to carve out a niche for himself.

“Second Prince….. By doing this, aren’t you afraid that His Highness the Crown Prince would retaliate?” The attendant asked worriedly.


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