GDBBM – Chapter 77

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Chapter 77: “Don’t bother me (1)”

Jun Wu Xie lost track of time as she sat there quietly absorbing the spiritual energy.

It soon got dark outside as the silver moonlight streamed through the windows.

“What a nice smell.”

Jun Wu Xie raised her head and before she could even turn around, she was embraced from the back by a pair of strong arm in an overbearing manner.

“You’re almost skin and bones and you still want to drink wine?” A teasing voice drifted from the back as Jun Wu Yao looked gently at the girl in his embrace.

Before he had entered the room, he had caught a whiff of this rich fragrance, it was a mixed with a familiar scent. This familiar scent was from the lotus fragrance which Jun Wu Xie had on her.

It was a very nice intoxicating smell.

She lifted her head and glanced at him in an indifferent manner, it seems she was getting accustomed to his displays of affection, although some part of her was unwilling but it did not really affect her in anyway hence she was not too concerned about it. She did not want to spend too much effort arguing with him so she did not even bother to bring it up.

He moved to her side and scooped her up as he sat down, placing her on his lap as he continued embracing her from the back. “So…That Mo Qian Yuan guy gave you this?” Although he was smiling, it failed to reach his eyes as a cold murderous glint could be seen as he looked at the wine with displeasure.

Not waiting for her answer, he picked up the jar of wine as he raised his eyebrows as he gave her a glance and brought the jar closer.

“This wine is unworthy of your mouth.” After saying that, he flicked his wrist and attempting to pour all the wine away.

Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes as she glared at him coldly wanting to block him, however his grip on her was very strong as he held onto her firmly as he hugged her tightly with one arm, rendering her helpless.

“Give it to me. Put it back!” She seethed.

Jun Wu Yao looked at her with a lascivious grin, not a trace of anger could be seen.

“Wu Xie…Don’t be angry, if you like wine, I can help you find some good wine, how can you drink such garbage?”

“Put it back.” She glared at him menacingly.

Jun Wu Yao continued smiling at her without moving as his deep black eyes flashed a faint hint of purple.

“Le…Let…Let my Mistress go…” a tearful voice came from the side.

At the corner of the wall stood Little Lotus with his eyes looking at the situation with a confused expression and a slightly flushed face, his little body leaning on the wall as his legs were wobbling a little.

“This is…?” Jun Wu Yao raised his eyebrows with interest.

Jun Wu Xie was gloomy, Little Lotus was still in his physical form, with Jun Wu Yao’s sudden appearance, Little Lotus still stayed around!

For Jun Wu Yao, finding out Little Lotus’s identity would be child’s play.

“Oh? I thought that black cat was your contractual spirit, well looking at things, guess I got it wrong.” He lowered his head as looked at Jun Wu Xie, his lips curled upwards.

“Yo..You! If you don’t let go of my Mistress, don’t blame me for being impolite to you!” Little Lotus puffed up his little flushed cheeks, looking absolutely adorable.

The little black cat that was sitting quietly on the table lifted its paw to cover its eyes.

It wasn’t that it was too weak but rather its enemy was way too strong.

That little fool was good as dead!

“Oh?” Jun Wu Yao looked at that little boy coldly as he slightly lifted his finger and a flash of black light hit Little Lotus on his forehead.

“Ouch!” Feeling a sharp pain from his forehead, Little Lotus fell to the ground as he curled up in pain.

“I’m speaking with Wu Xie, when was it your place to interrupt us?” Jun Wu Yao laughed lightly as if nothing happened and as he turned around to face Jun Wu Xie. He was stunned as his lips curled up.

A pair of eye filled with cold murderous intent was staring back at him, she was still restrained by him in his embrace but in one hand she had several needles that were at his throat.

“I’ve got no mood to play around with your nonsense! Stop bothering me.” She glared at him icily. She usually did not bother what he did however if he disturbs her, she would not be polite with him at all.

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